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  1. Did you drop it between pictures? His tail got ruin in the 2nd pic.
  2. Ya he is the host. I've watched a few episodes of River Monsters and it's pretty good.
  3. Check out this monster! Article here The wels catfish is defined by a long, scaleless body; a broad, flat head; and an extremely wide mouth containing rows of small, sandpaper-like teeth — hundreds of them. It also has two sets of barbels (whisker-like organs) on the upper and lower jaw, which help the fish hunt its prey in the murky waters of large lakes and slow-flowing rivers across Europe. The wels catfish is an adept hunter, first using its pectoral fins to create a disorienting eddy and then taking advantage of its vast, vacuum-like mouth to suck prey in and swallow it whole.
  4. I been using fireline, stren super braid and power pro. The fireline is strong but frays and some people don't like it but I'm happy with it. Stren holds it's color much better then power pro but I have had it snap a few times at the knot. Power pro doesn't hold it's color too well but I haven't had any issues with it. When I first started using braid I bought spiderwire original because it was on sale. After that experience I'll never buy spiderwire again even if the new lines are much better.
  5. I heard reports of some being caught but I think it's still a little early before large numbers start showing up.
  6. Sounds like you guys had a great adventure. Thanks for sharing
  7. I like the big store feeling of BPS, being in there is like a kid in the candy store. Almost never walk out empty handed and there sales associate are pretty helpful when needed.
  8. I want one! Reminds me of the pocket bikes I use to ride in the parking lots.
  9. Ya saw on Oprah last week as well. I previously saw it on youtube a few years ago as well.
  10. That picture is hilarious, I think I been to that trib lol.
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