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  1. An OEM copy of Yamaha F6 long shaft 20", made in China. All parts are exchangeable. Come with the original gas tank and hose. Bought brand new from importer in 2018, used less than 20 trips. Running perfect. Break in accordingly and changed oils regularly. The gear shift knob is partly broken, but still working well. It costs a few bucks to replace a new one. The hood has a little crack, but sealed and fixed. My glass boat plus equipment is too heavy for a 6hp. $1000 obo, thanks. $_59 (1).jfif $_59 (2).jfif $_59.jfif
  2. will a garlic soaked senko be more attractive or disgusting to fish?
  3. Good for wacky but the weed guard is not so strong to hold in place. Also could be a good hook for drop shot for small soft bait. Yes, hold fish for ever.
  4. "The water cycle was so evident. Water coming down, water rising up, water coursing around my legs as it hurried to Lake Michigan, to become clouds, to return to the hills to bathe the earth." Wow... I can read this to my daughter at the bed time.
  5. Another great report. Thanks. I noticed that little spray bottle with green label on your boat. Is that helpful or not much at all?
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