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  1. Hi All...has anyone fished Valens before. Heading up there in a few weeks and any info on where to start looking for crappies would be appreciated. I was told the max depth on the lake is around 14ft. Any info or insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Jeff
  2. Good Morning Y'all Was wondering if anyone could help with some info on Lake Dalrymple. A buddy and I are thinking of doing an all day and over night fishing trip next weekend there. I have fished the lake many times catching crappie, pike, walleye and bass but never in the winter. Any info on how the ice fishing is on the lake especially for crappie I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks Jeff
  3. What is the walleye/steelhead fishing like in the Erieau area this time of year. I know you can get great numbers on Lake Erie during the late summer but was wondering if it is still good now and through the fall for steelhead? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  4. Thanks for the info guys...one way or the other hoping to give my baby a facelift lift this season!!
  5. Hi all....I have a 17 ft Starcraft Starfish...I bought the boat used and the previous owner smoked and lets just say the carpet is in desperate need of replacement. Can anyone suggest a reputable place to get it recarpeted and roughly what I can expect to pay?? Thanks Jeff
  6. Thanks for the replies guys.. maybe I'll try inshore for reds and maybe luck into Tarpon..thanks again Jeff
  7. Hey all...bringing the family to Disney the beginning of May and was hoping to steal away one day of fishing. Can anyone recommend an offshore charter company whinin an hour or so of Disney. Any info would be much appreciated...thanks Jeff
  8. Hi..thinking of doing some US drifts this winter on the Niagara and was wondering how to get a NY State fishing license. If I get it online do I print it out or do I have to wait for them to send it to me? Any info would be greatly appreciated...Thanks Jeff
  9. Anyone heard if the "jumbos" are stacked up off pefferlaw yet?...thinking of heading out on Friday and would appreciate any info....thanks Jeff
  10. Thanks guys...thought that it might be too big a job for me but you may have convinced me to do it myself. Thanks again for your replies...Jeff
  11. Hi all...my 2002 17' Starcraft is in desperate need of recarpeting. I live in Brampton and not interested in travelling too far to get the work done. If anyone knows of a reputable place I could take my "baby" I sure would appreciate it. Also I know it's a little hard to estimate what it will cost without seeing the boat but any ballpark figures as to what it might cost?? Thanks Again...Jeff
  12. Hey all...anyone know if the perch are stacking up out of pefferlaw yet?? Thinking of heading out this long weekend and any info would be great...Thanks
  13. Thanks Remastered...I haven't fished that area in a long time...thanks for the info...wouldn't want to be caught somewhere I shouldn't be..
  14. Hello all...was checking the regs in zone 16 and it says that the Credit is open all year from the south side of the 403 bridge downstream to lake Ontario. I thought that it was a fish sanctuary past the Dundas bridge?? I found no exceptions to this in the regs or maybe I'm just blind!! Is this correct? Thanks Jeff
  15. Yeah....Yankees everwhere yesterday...overheard them talkin about your "secret" spot...next time use a different colored X..have fun this weekend Take Care..Jeff
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