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  1. do rainbows make it up to the pine before the close or are just talking salmon?
  2. the notty is lucky to have the amount of prime spawning/reproduction areas like the upper pine, boyne and notty near hockley which all are prime coldwater streams... the credit would be similar if fish had access to the upper areas too... heckk even the humber could have a natural sustaining run of steelhead but is in basically the same story of the credit for protected naturalized species..
  3. i also have done good in the forks area for brookies and browns. just wish i could land the big ones!
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    Hi, my name is Jordan and I live in Caledon, Ontario. I fish alot and know a bit about fishing but i'm not an expert. I prefere fly fishing, but i'll use spinner rods if i have to. I know there are many streams and lakes around me that have fish, but i am curios about the humber river. I know they stock browns there, its just I have never caught one. The only thing i catch there is chub. I am just wondering if any body here has caught one in the upper river, thanks. Small Catch
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