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  1. pameladallaire

    Sunset in Pastel

    Thanks Justin: I'll do that. I'm doing pastel demos tomorrow at the SRF Visual Arts Boot Camp. Pam
  2. pameladallaire

    Sunset in Pastel

    Moosebunk supplied me with wonderful sunset images to demonstrate how to paint skies in pastel. Here is the first one "Red Sky". Pam
  3. Thanks to Moosebunk and his great photography, I was able to do this demonstration drawing, in charcoal, of a winter landscape. Pam
  4. pameladallaire

    Boat card operator?

    Tell the website that you can't access the page you want. I did mine a few months ago and could access any page that I had already studied. They just timed the new pages. Pam
  5. pameladallaire

    Stars and Lightning

    I love the night sky photo Brandon. Truly majestic. Pam
  6. pameladallaire

    Northern Lights

    That is SO cool....I've never been able to photograph Northern Lights. It's great to see other peoples shots. Pam
  7. pameladallaire


    To smoke meat that has to be cooked at the same time, I just use my BBQ. On one side I put lots of charcoal briquets. When they are hot, I place on top, wet and dry mixed wood chips wrapped in double tin foil with holes in it. On the other side of the BBQ on the top rack I put frozen, or really cold meat, and a drip pan below. When the meat is cooked through, it looks like ham inside and tastes great. I usually completely fill the one side of the BBQ with frozen roasts, sausage, and pork backs and take each out as they are cooked. Sometimes I smoke jalapeno peppers above the meat. Pam
  8. pameladallaire

    A very sad day!

    I'm so sorry Simon! Pam
  9. pameladallaire

    Bats....and star trails

    Hi Brandon: I'm on-line from Smooth Rock Falls, finally. I love the bats in the snow. Amazing subject! And the star trails look like a picture my brother made me on the clear film used for projectors?? I'm going to make a lamp shade out of it. He takes astronomy photos. Keep up the great work! Pam
  10. pameladallaire

    American Coot

    Awh, I think they're Cute
  11. pameladallaire

    Sloan @ The Commodore Ballroom

    WOW, yup, I knew you would become a portrait photographer! Pam
  12. pameladallaire

    Sunrise and Cranes

    I love the crane head shots. Great work! Pam
  13. pameladallaire

    Steel Panther @ The Commodore Ballroom

    Very nice shots! You'll be famous in no time. Pam
  14. pameladallaire

    Chippewa Falls

    Really nice shots! I like the first and third one best. Pam
  15. pameladallaire

    Anyone loose a pheasant?

    This guy isn't supposed to be in Timmins! He must be lost. Pam