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  1. i never said where anyways has been reported.
  2. yes pic not a good one and yes it was released caught on spinner had a gash on belly but wasn't fresh
  3. Just wondering if you are supposed to report if you catch an Atlantic and if so who to? I caught about a nine or ten incher
  4. Got out a little late today 4 till 6.hit a spot where i have yet to catch but had seen others do ok.Was determined to get one outta there,and the god,s where with me today.Took 2 on spinner and one on pink worm.what a beauty day wish i had got out earlier
  5. Got one this fall for steelhead and it has preformed great so far, even dropped it in the drink and it still worked well right after
  6. as far as your reel goes i would opt for a top drag rather than bottom.much smoother.i recently bought a pflueger president 6730 for 70 dollars very smooth reeling and a nice drag many have said best reel for under a hundred dollars.you will notice a huge difference from the rear drag system when fighting larger fish.if you really want that one fixed just take it to a shimano dealer they should be able to get you parts
  7. WOW some serious size fish way to go!
  8. Hey all i just bought a pair of hodgman wadelite horco tex hip waders for 90 dollars down from 159.00,did i get a decent deal? and will they hold up in bush whacking environment?anybody own a pair? thanks in advance
  9. Well it's been a great fall nice weather and plenty of fish. I was able to get out last week,Things started off a little slow i started to think that it may be to cold for spinners,but then i came up to a nice deep slow run first two casts yielded two fish, the first fish was a feisty male that gave me some aerial acrobats to watch. The second fish was a big female that peeled the line off the drag and nearly spooled me because i have very little line on my spool left,so i had to go for a bit of a walk got her in and i think it may be my pb of the season We then switched to a section down river and i got a little brown haven't got one of those since sept Well it was starting to get late and i had worked this pool for a while with no results but then after switching to a #3 silver mepps from #2 gold i had a taker a nice male The rest of the fish go back to Nov and late Oct.This one was spot fished in clear water cast about five ft ahead of it don't know how it didn't see me i was only a few ft beside it,but love watching them hit.You have to excuse some of these pics not best quality and some weird faces but that's the way it is LoL a wee coho another wee one
  10. started off using a #2 mepps gold didn't get any hits then switched to a silver #3 and ba boom.water was high but clear.went 5 for 8 in bout 2 hr. first fish for my bud and he fell in shortly after lol he was ok but cold
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