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  1. If you end up coming to wasaga beach in the time frame you have mentioned and want the inside scoop on whats being caught as far as salmon/rainbow are concerned look up GT outdoors just outside of Wasaga Beach. Its a nice little tackle shop that will have everything you need to catch fish in the area. There is a crafty old Georgian Bay veteran named Pierre (from Quebec) working there that will have the inside scoop on whats being caught. Good luck!
  2. Nice fish Brian. I'm sure they will come easier and easier. Only a couple weeks left and it'll be back to the river.
  3. I picked up a Cabela's fish eagle 50 salmon steelhead 10ft medium action last summer for river casting. Its a really nice rod for the money. I was sceptical of it at first but it is a real nice rod that banked a bunch of bows and salmon last fall. In fact I liked it so much that I picked another of the exact same rod just the bait caster model for my spring trolling in the shallows. It helped that it was on sale and only $106 taxes in out the door.
  4. Told myself other than maybe a perching or 2 I was going to take this winter off from ice fishing. Sold both my gas augers, and looks like I may have picked the right winter to take a break. Hopefully the fish get a nice break this year too, and we'll both be ready for the ice next winter.
  5. Wound out the old indy trail to 73.5mph on gps last year I thought that was pretty good for the old girl. Never wound out my xc 700 but it would make it to 90mph on the speedo pretty fast. Just crept past my brothers '98 XCR 440 on my '95 XLT special freshly rebuilt bored 40 thou over. Speedo said 103, but I'd put it closer to 93. Aaah love the old sled memories....
  6. Keep dreamin' bud... If you're 500ss is the same as my buds 500ss which I believe was the old 600 carb motor put in the rev chassis you'd be lucky to hit 95mph on radar.... Who needs to go that fast anyways.... Back to the 550 polaris motor yup cooling was the issue there. Not sure what I was thinking about Just don't ride one through 2 feet of powder with 2 guys on one and I'm sure there fine...Right Bill. Best deal of this thread is still chads tundra for 125 though....
  7. Sick sled, brother got one last year..... Chad, The first few years of the 550's there was issues for sure. There was a fix can't quite remember what it was. Have to jog my polaris walking encyclopedia brothers mind for that one. Think they ironed the issue out around 05 or 06?
  8. The XC was fun on the groomed trails not much of an ice fishing machine though. Indy trail will be getting a full workover starting this weekend. Will be up in your neck of the woods again this year for lake trout opener.... Would like to pick up a newer rmk 550 for ice fishing.
  9. Nice! I was a little paranoid about doing the trek along a section of the river I did yesterday. Almost positive I pushed a deer up to some guys. Bang Bang right up ahead of me around noon...
  10. I down sized from a 4x4 full sized truck a few years back to a Fwd grocery getter. I was quite nervous about how I would make out at launches and towing my snowmobile to and from the lake in the winter. It has been pretty much fine for myself. Never ever even blinked at concrete launches. Have gotten myself into some sticky situations at non concrete ramps, but have never been completely stuck. I have a set of metal traction aids that have saved me 3 times including last weekend. Those things work well. I'm sure some people would get stuck pretty easily, but if you pay attention Fwd is fine...
  11. Just fire me a pm and I'll let you know where Billm was parked Tuesday and Wednesday afternnoon..... Nah just kidding...
  12. I was really against it in the beginning. Kind of on the fence about it now though. Bought a pass for the last few seasons. Seems like it really does keep the worst of the knuckle draggers away. Money does actually go to good use I think... Theres a couple of nice cleaning stations, a nice pavilion that come in handy during short bursts of rain, a blue rocket that has come in handy after that early morning coffee. Pretty sure they throw a bit of money towards the steelheaders too... I have seen you whine a few times about this on the internet B. Have you actually ever made a formal complaint or written a letter to voice your opinion somewhere it counts?
  13. I should have worded that better.... For years when it was real bad we didn't mark or catch anything. Doesn't matter what you run when there are no fish there... Its re bounded a bit the last couple years. Even so there are days when the fish just aren't around.... Now the past few weeks seems to be a lot around. Nice healthy salmon the ten pounders are capable of giving good battles. Yesterday was a good morning for me, but I did a lot of skunk mornings before I started to figure things out...
  14. Bait bucket in barrie had a small section of super slims a couple weeks back when I was in. I happened to pick up one of the green/blue UV colors he had there. It did catch a laker the next day too.
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