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  1. and if i owned a boat i would stay far enough back not to interupt land fishers .if the salmon are in and ur in a boat u can stay out of casting area and still slaughter fish just my 2 cents
  2. thats right i dont own the waters just respect as long as its out of casting range .i respect everyone when i go fishing and expect the same .ive had people in boats fishing 20 feet away from peir ,i think thats just pure ignarence.TIGHT LINES ALL.and i fish everywhere not just bronte and see ignarence everywhere.
  3. i dont understand when ur fishing from a boat ,why do u need to fish so close to shore u have the whole lake,some of use only have the shores or peires to fish from.
  4. chewy


    Nope the carp run.
  5. Omg what a night couldn't keep the fish off. See u soon bronte. :-)
  6. lol good one stubby potahawk is fun u got room vinnimon
  7. i will go if u can pick mer up in paris or brantford i got gas money
  8. man im hungry again and i just ate ,enjoy the grub
  9. this year i have caught channel cat, perch ,bass ,carp , and three kinds of trout in this creek
  10. well i fish this creek all the time and there is alot of slobs that fish there i always take a garbage bag with me and usually fill it half full each time i go there ,thats pretty bad when i fish the same spot there .p/s theres no fish there lol
  11. nice pics and u must be in heaven there
  12. there is signs in brantford at the dam ,but they are only on the conservation park side not the other they should put it up for the people that dont no
  13. needs to get out fishin with the boys

  14. Chewy is gay!! LOL

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