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  1. If you wanna go inshore for Snook and Tarpon hit up Jeff Magio aka Lunkerdog. I did a 5 hour charter with him out of Miami and it was a blast, was just around $500 if I recall, so relatively cheap and he's quite the charcter. Check out his youtube videos!
  2. I'd go saltwater as well if it was me. Joey Benko out of Naples is a top notch guide, about an hour from Ft. Myers. Not too familiar with many Ft. Myers guides. If you really wanna go for bass I'd skip the big O and go for the Toho chain or Lake Istokpoga. Lake O seems to have more 1-3lbers and the odd 7+lber. You'll catch more and bigger bass in Toho. Lots of pros think the next record stringer will come from either Toho or Falcon Lake in Texas. Google Toho vs. Okeechobee and you'll see people saying the same thing.
  3. Yea, that's what I was sarcastically getting at. Not too bad on their part marketing wise though I'd say
  4. But the YETI's are bear / 500 lb man proof... LOL ?
  5. GoPro Video our Tampa Captain put together:
  6. Hey guys, Haven’t posted in way too long (Have become a lurker LOL). After an awesome time down in Florida I figured I oughta share some of the highlights. Went down to ICAST for work and ended up fishing the FLW ICAST Cup charity tournament. It was a 3 hour event where industry people were paired with a pro and a media rep. Our media rep was a no show but had an awesome time on the water with Edwin Rivera. We boated a ton of largies and ended up placing 4th out of 60+ boats. It was a riot fishing with this guy – we were laughing the entire time. After ICAST in Orlando we shot down to Miami to fish with a well know captain we met at the show. Fishing was slow but my boss boated some nice Snook. The next day we ran up to Tampa to fish with a close friend and captain and landed a ton of smaller snook and I got a couple nice Redfish. Overall we had an awesome time down there and packed a ton of work and fishing into a really short period of time!
  7. Just sent you a PM Freshtrax
  8. I've got the Vexilar T-Box. It's pretty sweet with a tablet, split screen with GPS and a fishfinder. Only downside is I need to bring a power bank along or else I run out of battery before the days over. Also pretty cool that everyone can connect their smartphones to it at the same time. I actually got it as a gift along with 2 co-workers. One of there's hasn't even left the office. Just asked if he wanted to sell it, he said sure in case you're interested!
  9. I lived in Ft. Lauderdale for about 10 years, stones through away from Miami. Gotta agree with Craig_Richie - I'd avoid Miami if I was visiting for the reasons he mentioned. He's also given some great fishing advice! If you have an Iphone or Ipad send me a PM and I will hook you up with a Free app download of Pro Angler Florida - Got all your tides, species info, regs, reports and buncha of other cool stuff.
  10. Thanks Chris! After some research that's looking like the plan, if I can convince the boss to take the hike!
  11. Hey Guys, The boss just called me and said we need to make a trip to Buffalo tomorrow and suggested we get some fishing in. I'm not really familiar with the region and when he asked if we should do the Upper or Lower I had no clue. I know what species are in the Niagara and have a pretty good idea of what to throw...I think. Any suggestions? Feel free to PM me! Thanks in advance guys!
  12. Hey Cliff, If you have it plugged into the computer and download the updates through iTunes it takes a lot less memory, I think its like 1gb or something.
  13. You might like this joke Fisherman! "One day my wife, told me we couldn't afford beer anymore and I'd have to quit drinking. Then I caught her spending $65 on make-up. I asked her,"How come I have to give up stuff and you don't?" She said "The make-up is to make me pretty for you." I told her "That's what the beer is for." I don't think she's coming back."
  14. I got one of these as a gift through work. It's pretty cool. You can pair it with the $15 navionics app and have it as a split screen with gps and fish finder with the most recent navionics update. I've got it hooked up with a 7 inch android tablet which is a little small but works. Also pretty cool that everyone with a smartphone in your boat can connect to it at once
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