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  1. Thanks for the info....You just saved me a trip.
  2. I have a pair of Bear breathables now. Im looking at getting a new pair of waders l seen some streamside breathables...l was just wondering if anyone ever had a pair and are they very durable? and is 240 a good price?
  3. Isnt that a white perch? l tought siver bass has stripes on them...Has far has l know down here in zone 16 they are open all year...
  4. sorry l forgot about Port Bruce theres a bait shop there. l know its not in the area. hope that helps you.
  5. No not that l know of sorry.....if you do find one let me know cause l want to get some to do alittle crappie fishing...
  6. Yes hes still open....FisherMike is right very pricey l got some there to do alittle icefishing this winter wow and he counts them out to..lol
  7. l use to fish lyndock alot there is some nice looking water there...caught a few nice browns out of there to! Make sure you bring alot of hooks theres a ton of wood in that creek.
  8. l hear you there! its the same on the Thames to...l took my dog for a walk along the Thames river. there where a few people out fishing walleye....l guess they dont read the regs..
  9. I know when l use to fish it...we could only fish the mouth. Where has on the maitland you can fish up to the hwy 21 bridge....
  10. That is hilarious...this message borad rules.....
  11. One of my favorite baits hard to beat the crayfish colours they have...river smallies an walleye just go nuts over them...
  12. Does anyone know if they made any changes in zone 16 for walleye in the Thames river? or is it the same has last year closed from March 15 till May 15... Steve.
  13. That just makes me sick knowing its snagged and keeping it and video taping themselfs.....not to bright!
  14. I would have to say Restoule so many memories has a kid fishing Commanda Lake.
  15. l dont understand how can you just leave a race like that with 4 laps left to go...lol
  16. I was watching Nascar for the last 4 hrs and with 4 laps left to go in the Race TSN switches over to curling... its a good thing it was on fox
  17. I cant agree more with you MJL...you ever fly fish for chanel cats man thats a hoot! l caught a few while bass fishing last summer on a 5 weight lol
  18. I was just doing some house cleaning an l came across a PB gift certificate l got from my wife 2 years ago an l was just wondering how long they are good for?
  19. yes we got afew shakers 2 weeks ago. We went back there last week an it was frozen right down to the lake....but its calling for some rain on thursday....
  20. l won 2500 picking NFL games on proline....
  21. Dont you just love steelheaders...lol
  22. Has anyone ever herd of a crankbait called the ugly duckling im not sure who makes it or thats the name of the company but im on my last one great walleye and smallie bait l bought them at walmart afew years back and havent been able to find them again. Im not even sure if they still make them now
  23. Tonys is the best panzarotti in town
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