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  1. Thanks skdds, will let you all know in about ten 10 days, going to fish there between July 30-Aug.3. Cheers,
  2. Thanks a lot Guys! Yeah, sure, I have pretty good electronics on the boat :-). I wouldn't go blind into waters like this - it's a recipe to come back no prop or skeg :-). I am just trying to prepare the spots in advance, and know which general direction I need to head once the boat is on the water. And I do fish a lot in Georgian Bay but other areas, some are pretty rockless, some I need to be more careful with. From my previous experience being at Killarney without a boat, it looked like there might be many dangerous hidden rocks, which means I will have to go slow from point A to point B before I put on my trolling motor. Thanks a million again for the tips!
  3. Thanks for the map indeed OhioFisherman!!! Very helpful!
  4. Thanks a lot for helping out Bill! I checked out the map, and trying to orient myself better. I believe there are 2 options there: a direction towards Killarney East Lighthouse, or Killarney Northwest lighthouse. I believe based on your instructions I need to go towards the East Lighthouse. How careful should be with the motor there? Lots of sticking out rocks?
  5. Yeah, main lake looks pretty rough on most days (I was there without my boat). Bill, when you say East, you mean going the opposite direction from the one that takes me into the main lake?
  6. Hey Guys, Hope everyone is safe and sound, and enjoying the fishing season! I am taking a boat to Killarney this month, will be staying at the park with the family. I noticed I can dock my boat at the Mountain Lodge, and take it fishing from there. I've never fished around that area of Georgian Bay. Any tips on where to find fish (bass, pike or anything else:-)) around that area? Thanks a lot in advance,
  7. Thanks Porkpie and DanD. I don't use riggers, most of the time I cast: tubes, dropshot, senko or cranks. Sometimes I'd use deepsies but not planning to go out far (Erie can be vicious for my 17 footer :-)). For largemouth there, what do you recommend? Topwater, Texas or just tubes? I was thinking of finding some depth drops or rock piles for smallies but folks are saying it's been a tough go for smallies this year. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks again! B.
  8. Hi Guys, I am new to the forum (not to fishing ? ) and wonder if there are any recommendations on fishing around Turkey Point Provincial Park. We are staying at the park next weekend and I am bringing my boat. Fishing on Erie has always been fun but that's the area I've never been to, and wonder if some advice on where to moor the boat and where to go for bass/walleye can be given. Thanks in advance, Black
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