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  1. New and different from the old acid rain problem. Global warming makes oceans more acidic.
  2. Yikes. Can't say I've ever had a craving for snapping turtle.
  3. Any brands you like that have great quality and low price?
  4. Have a couple of pairs of Smiths with the polarchromic lenses (the tint changes to match brightness of day). They are definitely better than the cheapies that I used to have, but no idea how to compare with Mauis, Costas, etc. The Costa 580G lenses are pretty famous for being amazing. Two notes that may help: - bigger is better.....make sure they're big enough to properly cover your eyes/face - bronze/copper is good all around on ontario lakes, but the saltwater guys (on clear water) almost always have greens, I think. May be worth looking into that.
  5. The winch is pretty slow for a general purpose reel. You might be happier with a reel that has less power but more speed. (ie the revo tor in HS or in 5.4:1 if you can find a used one somewhere) Just don't use the giant blades.
  6. Even if you don't share with the community, Lowrance uses your data to improve their own maps.. Could be wrong, but that's how I understand it. Spend any time mapping uncharted lakes, or getting more detail on your favorite fishing spots......and there's a good chance you're passing that data on to Lowrance.
  7. why aren't the police all over these guys? Of all the things to go after, this should be one of them.
  8. What's the name of this place that's keeping your boat? Everyone want to throw in $20 each to pay this guy to keep the boat til May long weekend? I think it'd be hilarious.
  9. What do you want the guy to do? Move everyone's boats whenever someone wants there's out? That seems kind of unreasonable to me.
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