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  1. Money talks. I saved some coin buying a Curado from the USA. Will do it again.
  2. Bass bonanza today, must have caught over 40

  3. We caught 2 average sized musky last night, along with an 18" walleye.
  4. That's a beauty. I gotta get up there sometime for those muskie.
  5. Sure thing man. I tried them up on G___ lake. We caught a bunch of smallies in that spot we fished before. Mostly on tubes. Also caught a nice largie on a jig and pig. Flipped it to a fresh laydown and bam!
  6. Nice! I actually picked up some Slammers after reading your previous post. I even caught my first fish on it too....a smallie.
  7. It was certainly one of my best fishing days. That 'secret' lures works like a charm. Muskie/ walleye double header...unreal!
  8. Haha..I do. I found some juicy new water you need to check out.
  9. Just got in from an evening fish. Got on the lake around 7 and started looking for some new water to troll. Not even 10 minutes into the run my rod doubles over. I put the boat in neutral and turn around to see a huge beast leaping out of the water. Got her in the net, unhooked her and set up the self timer on the camera for a quick pic then back in the water she went. 40" and the thickest muskie I've caught this year.
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