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  1. Went out with a buddy from noon to 4. We started out fishing frogs in the pond scum ended up getting 3 with a nice 20 inch largie
  2. The 5 footer came right out of the air wish it was on video! I also had a 3 footer jump 4 times.
  3. Well i finally got to use my Xmas present my wife gave me . Started the day with the smallest sturgeon they have seen this year lol everyone had a laugh and buddy said it was good luck ! So we move to anther spot and within 5 mins I look over and the rod is getting a hit run over and set the hook home into the biggest fish I have ever had on. So I land a nice 4 footer and I have a celebration beer and I prob had 2 sips of beer and buddy yells fish fish run back and set the hook hard and this fish is big right away it comes out of the water. Landed a nice 5 footer so beat my PB in 5 mins lol. I had a great day on the water we landed 10 sturgeon lost 3. This is truly a world class fishery and that's why it's catch and release only.
  4. i also make vents guys and will help you get rid of all unwanted wildlife www.critterkingpestcontrol.com
  5. hopefully you get her fixed sirrrrrr
  6. Do you have a problem with pests gaining access into your household? Well we can help you get rid of all your problems with those furry critters! What we do is install a one-way door to that area. The one-way door has an entrance that exits its habitat and closes and locks so the critter cannot escape back into its household to hide until the trap is gone. That is why this method is effective. After the critter has been removed, we remove the one-way door and seal the entry point. Give me a call any time and we will be glad to come out to help you with all your pest problems 519-427-8437 cell or 519-443-6958 house Residential service for animals come with a 2-year warranty!
  7. well lanched out of grimsby around 7 went out to 60 feet dropped riggers and trolled out to the weather marker. Tough moring but we ended up getting 3 salmon and a bow. First nice salmon for me this year got it down 60 ft in 130 ft of water just passed the weather maker. The bow hit 60 ft in 100ft biggest bow i have seen out there looked like a big salmon coming in.
  8. nice fish sir just wondering where you are lanching from and how deep. I lanched out of grimsby and trolled around 120 feet and only got bows and a small king. we were using NK28 thinkin maybe i should switch to a SD
  9. Well i was invited to fish up at my buddys cottage on sand lake that i know has lakers but was wondering if anyone knew of any other lakes that hold pike and walleyes,bass. Not looking for your hot spots just a general idea what lake to try.
  10. nothing like putting eggs on your toast with a little jam on it lol
  11. hey guys i just got a good deal on a long shaft and i need to raise the transom up. My transom is 16 inches how many inches do i need to raise it?? If anyone has any ideas let me know thanks
  12. LOL! i needed to stock the smoker rich
  13. Its been way to long since i have been up there!! I had a great time that's for sure!! Cant wait for anther trip!! this trip i will have the onionsssssssssss lol
  14. Headed out to the erie sat moring the boat was already in the water off the beach waiting for us so we didint have to wait a hr in the line up in burwell! We started off slow then we started to get into the bows like crazy! We had one triple header for the day it was 2 bows and a sheephead! good thing the last fish was a sheephead cus it would of been a real mess of tangled lines!! I decided to put one of the planner board rods higher to see if there eyes were up higher didint take long and i had one on the line. We ended the day with 14 bows and 5 eyes so it was a good day out on the water.
  15. I was fishing the vedder river and the best time to go is Now!!! The pinks will be in thick next year! guy i met there said you get them every cast.
  16. i love eating salmon out there so i kept my limit!! The salmon are very good eating on the west coast!not like eating a lake ont trib salmon thats for sure!!! fresh out of the ocean!!
  17. Well i had the chance to fish the rivers of BC for the big salmon run and let me tell you it was worth going out for!! Every morning just got better and better!! Lots of fresh fish coming from the ocean every day. The only thing i thought was dumb was you have to buy a tag for the springs if you want to keep one a day. We got lots of hatchery cohos and a lot of wild ones which you cannot keep. The springs were kind of pests and wouldint let anything go by!! Had a great time and would for sure do it again!!
  18. Thanks again Ryan!! I had a blast!! cant wait till next year
  19. Cant wait man should be a good time!!
  20. hey guys im heading up to canal lake and was wondering if you guys could tell me where to go on the lake. not asking for hot spots just a general area. thanks
  21. hey Gerritt i work at clarks doing service work, u must know kevin harper? as for clarks they might be hiring in the spring but hand yur resume in pure u just never know
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