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  1. Even though i never met you. I feel like i've known you for years. I also appreciated yor comments about my dads paintings. Rest In Peace and Fish in Peace.

  2. Even though I never met you Eddy I feel an emptiness. May you fish in bliss for evermore.

  3. Roy

    You will be missed, Eddy. Rest in Peace.

  4. Are you kidding me. If your driving in from the west and the sun is coming up you cant see anything. The waves crashing on the beech so loud you cant hear your radio. It smells like goose poop'',dam seagulls squaking. Opp's I've got to go and fill my cup up. It's half empty.
  5. If you get a chance check out the Columbia Ice Fields. They are unbeivable.
  6. Ill be at LAKAIR but not untill September.
  7. Thanks for your comments. yes I think I got a good deal. This guy came well recommended. Another thing ' while we were unloading the wood he noticed my fishing equipment and wants to take me out and show me some lakes.
  8. I dont have much experiance heating a home with wood and the house I bought has an electric furnace and an air tight wood stove to off set the heating costs. I ordered 10 FACE CORDS of wood on Saturday. I had one cord dropped off in my garage to get to the nice weather and the other 9 cord are coming in the fall. It's all hard wood, cut and split and delivered with tax included for $60 a face cord. The wood burns beautifully and if I put a log on when I go to bed it's still burning in the morning. My electric furnace almost never comes on.My question is does this sound like a fair price to pay ?
  9. I bought 3 Okuma rod and reel combo's last year and used them all summer for salmon and never had a problem. If your getting them for salmon make sure you get the counters.
  10. Here's what I woke up to this morning
  11. Thats a gret looking outfit Roger. Congrats.
  12. Im not a big fish eater but I do keep the odd pickeral or bass if Im in the mood for a fish fry. Now that I live in bass country I,ll probbly keep more.
  13. I felt like I was on the trip with you guys. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Eddyk

    My place

    Abberz. The lake in the picture is Upper Beverly lake and it flows south through the town into Lower Beverly lake. These are part of the Rideau lake system.
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