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  1. A crawler harness behind a heavy bottom bouncer is the way to go if bait or scented soft plastics (Gulp) are allowed. Drop it down till you feel it hit bottom then bring it back up a couple cranks and drop it in a rod holder. Keep your speed to about 1 - 1.5 mph and work from shallow to deeper water till you find'em.
  2. The Extreme combo with a 7' MH fast action rod sounds like it's the winner. Thanks again for the input everyone.
  3. The product reviews seem decent with an overall rating of 4.4. It looks like the major complaint may come from inexperience in setting up the reel. I've got a bass fanatic friend who owns more baitcasters than I can count and has more years experience using them than I would care to guess at. Thankfully he will be assisting me in getting past the learning curve when I get started. I was looking at the heavy more because of where I will be using the rig. Primarily on Rondeau bay where the weeds will grow out of the water by mid to late July. If a MH is a better all around option I'll go that route. Hmmm...never thought of calling the store to see if they have the previous years model. Decisions, decisions the bionic setup has both rod and reel on sale for a total of about $85 but the emtreme combo is on for $110. I'm probably gonna have to go to the coin toss on that one Thanks for the responses guys!
  4. Well, I now have a combination of fresh birthday money and BPS gift cards burning a hole in my wallet and was looking at pairing a BPS Bionic Plus baitcasting reel with a Bionic Blade trigger rod 7' Heavy. Just wonder if anyone has used or owned either and what their thoughts are. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Man can I relate. Been in Customer Service industry for 10 years now with the last 4 as a manager. I get to deal with people after my front line staff and their Supervisor can't settle the concern amicably. It can really take it's toll on you...if you let it! That's the key that Dude touched on. Other people can only effect us with as much power as we give them to do so. Best advice I can give anyone is to put more energy into fishing, friends and family than to letting some idiot on a boat lauch or anywhere else ruin their day! Although, tossing him into the drink would have been fun too
  6. Dnthmn

    I'm a dad!

    Congrats and tell Kai I said Happy Birthday! He could not have picked a better day to arrive (Yes, it's my birthday too!) Little tip, I was able to get out and do more fishing while the missus was still off on Mat leave. Just take a late night or early morning feeding, then when his belly's full and his bum is changed, lay him back down to sleep and hit the water. By the way, diaper then bottle in that order only. Don't want to take the advice then I'm not responsible for what happens Congrats again.
  7. You actually clamp the pipe so that it is on the throttle grip. You turn the pipe and the grip turns with it
  8. A fifteen minute drive west puts you in Leamington. There is a very well maintained marina and if you head back east a little once you get into the big lake there is usually some really good fishing in front of the golf course.
  9. Any Markings should be just above the grip. I did some searching on the same subject after I found two bamboo rods at a garage sale and I came across a site that was a great resource. I'll try and find the address again and post a link for you.
  10. Were you running the dispy's out on the same side of the boat? If you were they need to be at different settings and you should start with the one set highest as it will require the longest lead to hit the same depth. Here is the "Tech Report" from the Luhr Jensen website. It has a pretty good illustration of what cudz was saying about turning the weight towards the boat as well as the depth chart for a couple of sizes. http://www.luhrjensen.com/downloads/tech-r...2DipsyDiver.pdf
  11. Line to hook - Palomar or open loop/rapala knots Line to line - Triple surgeons (Significant difference in diameter) Line to line - Albright special (Similar diameters) Fly line to leader - Nail Knot Snell and surgeons end loop when tying harnesses etc. That about sums it up for me.
  12. Hope mother nature doesn't make you stay in doors. Good luck tomorrow , I look forward to your report.
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