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  1. Hi all, Anyone have one of these? Humminbird 7400771 MS M Mount System I need one and the connectors for an old Humminbird 788. Thanks in advance DW
  2. UPDATE - Found one. No longer looking. Hello, I am looking to buy a 20' Lund Alaskan 2000 SS in a tiller configuration (with or without outboard). If you have one or know someone that does, please let me know. Thanks DW
  3. How about "Mark the Shark"? http://www.fishingcharter.ca/listing.asp?id=27 LOL
  4. Very sad! My heart goes out to Leslie and the kids and to all of his familiy and friends. He will be missed. I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with him over the years. He was a friendly, welcoming, kind and generous guy but also very entertaining in so many ways. Cheers Kevin!
  5. Well, forgettable? Maybe but... man, that is/was 1 excellent producing lure for me. Retired now. Thanks guys DW
  6. Close, but definitely not speed traps. I searched "Luhr Jensen" lure currently on ebay and didn't see another one like the one I have. DW
  7. post-3206-0-82637500-1360692743.jpg
    At the moment, I have only 2 other pics and they are no straight-on, they are pretty similar to the 1st photo but, here they are.... I won't have access to the lure again until April sometime. Thanks for the help! DW
  8. Is definitely not a rattle trap. The lip was not added after the fact. The lure was bought new (many years ago) as-is. The prism tape was original but is now peeling off. The lure is made of wood. Cheers, DW
  9. post-3206-0-51248000-1360683832.jpg
    Hi all, Does anyone know what this old Luhr Jensen crankbait is called? Thanks in advance for any help... DW
  10. Hi all, I have a couple of rods that need repairs. One in particular is St. Croix Legend Tournament where the "foot" of one of the guides has pulled (ripped) out of the spot where it was mounted. Do I just press it back down and put some clear nail polish on it?? Will that hold? Does anyone know of someone that knows what they're doing when it comes repairing rods? I'm in the Burlington area but location is flexible. Thanks in advance for any help/guidance. DW
  11. Hi there, I've had the Maxxum 80lb. for a few seasons now. I love it. Lots of torque, reliable, easy to use, very responsive (due to the cable drive vs. the electric) but, of course, no option for iPilot. I like the lift system much better than the electric drive unit too. DW
  12. Does anyone know of a good tackle shop in the general area of Highway 403 / Dundas (Hwy 5) area of Oakville? Thanks, DW
  13. Hi all, FWIW... I track the water level on Nipissing and I can tell you that it's 10cm higher as of yesterday compared to the same time last year. So, that's a positive sign. DW
  14. Musky Season opens the 3rd Saturday in June. Cheers, DW
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