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  1. Thanks for all the advice. From White River (24 hr gas at Mobil) we headed up 631. About 15 miles before Hoynepayne somewhere around 1:00am we met up with Mr. & Mrs. Moose standing in the middle of the road. That was a fun experience as we skid to a stop and they barely moved an inch. 11 to Geraldton(24 hr Esso)then north on 584 to Nakina. Thanks again everyone.
  2. Thank you all for the info. From White River I’m gonna take Hwy 631 north to Hwy 11 then head west to Hwy 584 north to Nakina. Might take a little longer but better roads. Headed to Kap Lake with 7 Lakes Wilderness. Thanks again! Anyone been to Kapikotongwa (Kap) Lake? Any feedback on the fishing?
  3. We will be driving up from the States to Nakina. Getting to Wawa is pretty simple but what are the bests routes to get to Nakina from Wawa? We will be driving at night and plan to be fueling up in Wawa around 8:00pm. Which way from there were we can also stop for gas along the way in the middle of the night. Truck only guests about 17 miles per gallon. Any 24 hour gas station along the way. Thanks! Need to be in Nakina by 5:30am.
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