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  1. The mussels can survive in the motors and ballasts too if you've got them, they can be drained and dried too
  2. I think making sure everything in contact with water is clean, drained and dry after a trip should do the trick. There's tons of info out there but I'll stick to basic common sense to prevent any getting stuck. I'll start cleaning my livewell too
  3. What's the best way of cleaned my boots, waders, fishing stuff to prevent mud snails or algae getting caught there? Also, was wondering what's the most effective way of draining and cleaning my boat (motor, livewell, hull, bilge) to prevent zebra and Quagga mussels hiding there? Apparently that's a really common way they're transported...I know BC has mandatory inspections and blast everything with hot water, and make sure everything's drained and dry
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