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  1. I took a battery core back to Costco and they gave me the tax back. Not sure why CTV needs to pissed customers off for that. It's your money. Rob C
  2. Milwaukee all the way, actually thinking about getting the 12AH High output battery for next year. Those brushless motors work great and even with 28" of ice she bores right through. Rob C
  3. Rob

    Yes BYE

    Twas a great time! I thought it looked like a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street out there! Rob C
  4. Rob

    Yes BYE

    Glad you enjoyed it Dave, the "fish Whisperer" aka BB, was the Slay master today, He he topped 12 whities on the ice today. So now he needs to get rid of the BB! I'm definitely up for some Erie fishing this summer. Will be in touch! Rob C
  5. Rob

    Yes BYE

    That was a great day out there again Brian. Nice to meet you Dave, hope you made er home safe and not too late, ya got some fish to clean there! Rob C
  6. Ok I got it figured out David, I had the original card and should have been using an updated card. Thanks David Rob C
  7. Hey David, I have an Elite 5 bundle Navionics, I got with my lowrance elite 5 unit. When I try to get the update it says "it is not eligible for further update as it is expired" How do I proceed from here? Rob C
  8. I have the 12v/110v Foodsaver sportsman vacuum. It works great, got it at Costco on sale for $69. Wait for the bags to go on sale at Costco as well. They give you lots of bags for about $30 Rob C
  9. Glad to hear you found him and what your looking for! Might just take a trip down to see Phil as well as get some of the lures off of him! Rob
  10. I am pretty sure I have met Phil, kind of an eccentric guy, but very nice and passionate about fishing. He use to make a lure called the Predator that I would use for lakers and salmon and always had luck with them. Then you couldn't buy them anymore. So like Chris i did some digging around and found his name and number and gave him a call. He told me if I wanted to come down to his shop in Toronto, he would "hook me up". I went there and we talked for a couple of hours and I left there with a box of those lures and and a bunch of different attraction decals to put on them. Still have some of those lures. I can't remember exactly where he was but it was in the Rexdale/Mississauga area. Keep at it Chris, you will find what you are looking for. Edit: Found this on Phil: COMPANY NAME: L. K Specialties Inc. HideLOCATION ADDRESS LOCATION STREET: 6 Marconi Crt LOCATION CITY: Bolton LOCATION ZIP: L7E 1H3 COUNTY: Ontario STATE: Canada manufacturing, manufacturing industry, sporting and athletic goods CONTACT NAME: Phil Ticknovich CONTACT ROLE: Owner PHONE NUMBER: +1-416-951-1066
  11. Good to see you and your son getting out on the river Brian. Time can do many wonders when you take it. Good catch boys! Will get you two out for some whites! Rob
  12. Nice whitie Brian love the flute playing you were doing while fishing;>)
  13. Make sure you have someone who knows how to drill holes into your vehicle. My brand new F150 had been done by a Krown location and and the guy put an "outy dent" in my door skin. Then when I call him on it he said it wasn't them. Really now, so I just get a brand new truck and it happens to have a dent from the inside right where you guys drilled a hole? Eventually he agreed and paid for the repair. I still use Krown because I believe in the product, but go to a different location and they are really good. Rob C
  14. Not sure of the marina's name but it is at the end of the road at Wade's Landing near the village of Nipissing. I like it there cause you are behind the islands and sheltered when you can't get out on the main lake. Rob C
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