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  1. I"m not sure this will make its way to you, but---Pipestone Lake is just NE of Kish. It can be accessed by a short mechanical rail lift from Clearwater. It has become a spectacular Musky lake---for really big Musky. It has always held a fine Smallmouth population. And really big Lakers for this far south. Nice Walleye, hard to find sometimes. With some very nice portage lakes to use as well, with some big Northern on a lake just north of Kish. Cash sticks in my mind for its name, but that may be off. Check out Cedar Island Lodge. It is as nice a place to stay as possible to find, excellent boats well decked out, terrific hosts. Jessie is an excellent guide for the Musky. You can fly in as well of course, but it's only about an hour by boat, and it is a pretty trip.
  2. Found a fit. Slate Falls out of Sioux Narrows has one lake outpost that has Smallmouth in addition to the regulars---thanks to everyone who weighed in, and to the information I found on Canada fishing guide's site.
  3. I've had two trips to and one trip thru Kishkutena (which my Dad called Height of Land Lake)---caught the Smallmouth on the beds there on one---it was spectacular. My little sister, 12 then, caught a nice tiger musky there on a day trip, and then years later a good friend's son was with me and his first Canadian fish was a really nice Musky there. We portaged in then. It was an easy trip. The old portage from there to Slender was a haul. And barely discernible in some places, and that was 1966. Thx so much for weighing in---I will check out your websites. Merry Christmas.
  4. Thx. We'll be farther west, at least to the Atikokan area.
  5. It's never what we eat, but the top water explosiveness and stamina make them a favorite to catch. Being the introduced species, they aren't as universal in the various lakes as Pike and Walleye. And the right fly in can get you past the more heavily harvested water. That, and a more pristine experience for the 13 year old, is the goal. I've lived and worked in fly in lodges twice, when I was much younger, in the big roadless area south of Dryden, but fishing pressure has diminished both places.
  6. I am looking for recommendations for a week long fly in that offers excellent Smallmouth opportunities. With several add ons. A good cabin, frig, kitchen, good beds, good bath with shower, flush stool, hot water. Housekeeping only. Preferably on a lake with adjacent options for portaging into for a day trip, and preferably not on a larger sized lake. We want to be able to avoid really big water (and the corresponding big rollers). It can be an independent cabin, or at a lodge, but if independent then a means of checking in or being routinely checked on. Of course the fishing needs to be first tier, so a limited harvest lake is the ticket. I have a grandson to introduce and want to burn a memory. Kenora area is fine, but open to suggestion. Thanks in advance.
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