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    We also just returned from a trip with CAS to Audrey Lake. Without a single cloud in the sky and 30+ degrees we had trouble finding the big walleyes. We did catch about 100 14 to 20" though. That being said we had a blast targeting Pike. Catching many over 30" including one at 40" for my 12 year old son
  2. We are Sunday to Friday... hoping for a great time.
  3. Thats exactly we we picked Audrey, a chance for pike, walleye and bookies. We are excited about the trip.
  4. Fantastic, I will keep these tips in mind. My kids will have a blast trying these out. I will let you know how we make out when we get back
  5. Well we are getting very excited, we have booked a trip for mid August at Audrey Lake through Cochrane Air Services. We are a family of 6 with kids ranging from 8 to 15. We are typically trout fisherman and almost exclusively from shore. So this is a big change for us and was wondering if anyone has been to Audrey Lake or has any tips for a fairly new Walleye and Pike angler.
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