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  1. Thank you Terry. I plan on making all sorts of them.
  2. Hi Guys and girls just testing water ... I 3D print all types of lures and hand paint them. if any one is interested send me a msg here is a few examples of my recent work : ( please note that the lures in the pictures have not yet been equipped with eye hooks yet) Garter Snakes small one $ 5.00 ( 7inchs) large one $ 10.00 (14 inches) Fred the frog $ 20.00 Fred the frogs little brother $ 10.00 Pike swimbait lure $ 7.00 swimbait blue $ 10.00 many more designs coming soon,
  3. Are you still looking for the Lyman lures? I 3D print lures and have found Lyman type lures that i could print and assemble for you
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