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  1. I never know of the fish online tool. It has quite a few species listed which is encouraging. It also has an annual stocking of splake so not sure why there's rumours they should be pretty abundant there no? I don't have any experience catching splake so that's something I might look into! I'm don't have a ton of experience outside of using live bait on sinkers and some rapala top waters and inline spinners. What would you all recommend for this time of year? I'm thinking I'll try jigging for the first time!
  2. Hello all! I'm new to the forum and signed up to see if I could get any feedback! I'm staying at a cottage on Stewart Lake and wondering if anyone could offer tips for fishing there. What kind of lures, where to fish and what species are in there? I'd love to catch and release some bass! I haven't seen anything recent on this lake googling so any insight is appreciated!
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