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  1. We are heading home tomorrow, nearly skunked... 1 10" eye, few perch, buncha smallies, some big cats and a sucker is all we've got so far- friends managed a 24" eye the first day, and only 3 total since sunday... the peace and quiet and serenity is well worth the price of admission tho!!
  2. Yep, water is quite low... believe someone said its at an all time low, the big rock on the way to the flat rapids is about 8ft out of the water... apparently there wasnt enough run off to open the dams... first time so i dont know really, but i guess its 14ft lower than normal this time of year?
  3. Thanks for all the insight here folks!! Miss seeing some of the old names on the board from the early 2000s!! We are traveling with friends who are at the french river lodge yearly, so we will follow them in, but will let em know it may be a bit of an annoyance getting in there!! Tell ya im sure nervous about the river and rocks, so much so i may just hang out in the bay for the 3 days i have the boat... im sure theres fish in oxbay worth chasing, just out front of the lodge?
  4. Thanks for the replies and info!! I am a novice boater, for real, its my second time out in 30yrs, so its a bit overwhelming... last trip was on jumping caribou lake in temagami, still rocks, but nothing of this magnitude!! As for fish, walleye is the target.. pike are good and so are bass. Was given some ice fishing jigs (rapala jigging minows) and told they will be the ticket!! Bringing everything from cranks to soft plastics... to panfish lures...
  5. Hey again... heading to french river lodge on ox bay for the first time, renting a boat... see many prop destroyed by rock on the french, so im curious how far out of the bay i may have to travel to find fish and limit my risk of hitting something/getting lost? Not looking for spots to fish, just areas to avoid... i am sure the lodge operator will give me a map/run down of what to avoid, but curious... and bait, suggestions? (Crankbaits, vertical jigs, live?) Just lookin for a fish or 2 as wife and i are only there for 5 days and have a boat for 2 of them.. and don'twanna hear the "you can'teven catch a small fish..." all the way home and for the next 30yrs lol
  6. Thanks for the replys everyone! I contacted the lodge and they providd a link to the exam as they dont do the competency/renters checklist... $50 and 5hrs and i was good :)
  7. Hey all... first post sorta, forgot my old username from the early 2000's, so hello everyone!! Looking for a place to take the boater exam, heading to the french river this year (french river lodge) and i guess i gotta get it as i'll be renting a boat.... so, how/where do i get this thing done? I've seen links online for it, i remember way back in the beginning there were scam sites... so looking for a legit online exam! And if anyone has ANY tips, info, whatever for the french river in that area, please let me know it's been several years (20 or so) since i've been out for a good fish :)
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