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  1. Dont have to travel so far and pay so much. Im catching all May long lake trout in a range 10-22lb right of Port Credit, Ontario with occasional king salmon and steelhead trout for my clients. From June on 20lb+ salmon plus steelhead till mid September. October Lake tout is back + Coho and Kings. Capt Bob, Salmon Catcher Fishing Charters.
  2. I start nailing them in May on Lake Ontario 9-16lb range from 100' of water. Need to burb air bubbles out before releasing else they have difficulty diving back. Lake Trout Beautiful fish.
  3. As you mentioned above, most modern electronics display dc voltage it is feeding on. Just bought cigarette lighter plug with dc voltage display. While all your gadgets are down when starting engine this meter shows how low your battery dips down at starting time. This cranking voltage should not go lower than 10V. If it does you have undercharged battery or it starts to go lazy and may need replacement soon. Being busiest fishing charter on Lake Ontario with 700+ fishing hours every season all my gear must run A+. Tight lines. Capt. Bob, Salmon Catcher Fishing Charters
  4. The higher voltage systems can supply same amount of power with smaller power loss due to wire resistance. This is why most high power AC lines feeding large industrial consumers are at 24 000 volts. 24K transformer outside each plant drops it down to 600V fed inside the building. If you run large electric motor at 100A current at 600V you need finger size copper wire. On a high side 24kv of this step down transformer you have only 2.5 A current and only requires telephone size copper wire to run this motor. Talking about boat application this power loss over boat el wiring is miniscule. Not worth discussion. Keep in mind: two 12v batteries in series for 24v if one of them goes bad it will drag overall performance. If one battery goes open (internally) you loose your power. Two batteries in parallel if one goes (open) you still have power from a good one. Redundancy. There is no redundancy in 24V configuration for two 12v batteries.
  5. All chart plotters, sonars, radars, downriggers run on 12 volts DC. What is the point complicating electric circuit wiring it to 24V? No matter how you connect your batteries in series or parallel you will have same total capacity=total power=combined ampere hours. Can not violate formula Power= Voltage * Current If you need some exotic voltage like 18DC, use dc to ac inverter and ac to 18V dc supply. That complicates circuit and introduces more potential problem down the road. I would not run my critical navigation equipment on such power source.
  6. Battery Capacity, battery power, battery AH ampere hours is same thing. Benefit of paralleling batteries is to increase total battery power. Two batteries in parallel will run your trolling motor longer then one. That is the benefit.
  7. Reason for above, if you charge them connected as is, the smaller one will get overcharged or bigger one will get undercharged.
  8. While paralleling batteries try to keep them close in ampere hour size , similar capacity. It is better to parallel two batteries 50 hr each then paralleling 50 ah battery with 5 ah one.
  9. Paralleling same voltage batteries increases total ah ampere hours. Ampere hours is same thing as battery capacity. While charging such parallel batteries no wire connection change is required. Treat it as one battery. All else is a myth.
  10. My message above does not dispute your statement. It says ampere hours do not change. P=U * I You must be familiar with this formula. Folks on this site attempting to play with two batteries to get more power. Industrial electrician, retired.
  11. Wiring batteries in parallel or in series will not change your total battery capacity (total power). Im salmon troller on Great Lakes. Before that while fishing in small boats used to have electric charger built in to 7.5 Johson outboard to run graphs.
  12. Nice boat. Be weather conscious on big water.
  13. Provincially we have experienced businessman Ford running it. Much better then liberal horse face woman before. Federally is different story. Get off your butt and vote Socialists and Marxists out. All they bring is misery not prosperity.
  14. Seasonal fishing trips on Lake Ontario. Located in Port Credit, the municipality of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. These trips are a great way to spend afternoon or weekend going after Salmon and Trout that live here. Low charter rates, Fish Guarantee and free parking will make it ideal fishing trip to catch salmon, steelhead, brown or lake trout. Departure time May to October are mornings and afternoons. Phone: 437 220 7429 [email protected] 120 Lakefront Promenade, Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5E 2C2 https://salmoncatcher.sitelio.me/ https://www.facebook.com/salmoncatchercharters/ [email protected]
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