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  1. Where do these fall under the law? There are a few manufacturers who make them (AirSaber, AirBow, Air Javelin..). The website says they are legal, but I need to know for sure. They are muzzle loading air rifles that use compressed air to shoot arrows under 500 ft/s, yet still have the impact to take down deer and even moose. Basically an air powered cross bow. Good for hunters who struggle with crossbows or long bows and where a firearm is not an option. Are they considered a form of Bow, a Firearm or something new? Can I hunt deer with them in bow season in a location that allows bow hunting for deer? https://www.airgunsource.ca/fc/umarex-airsaber-pcp-arrow-rifle.html https://blog.gorillasurplus.com/home/2020/3/3/what-is-an-airbow-used-for
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