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  1. Hey thanks a ton, man! We appreciate it. Heading out in a few hours and this was exactly the type of info we were hoping for. I'll make sure we take it slow and keep an eye out dead heads and rocks. Some of those weedier channels and bays are exactly where we want to be. I'd rather work those for bass than go deeper and jig for walleye tbh, but we'll just have to see where the action is.
  2. I'll be heading up to the Lower French for a few days this weekend with some buddies. We're heading out of Hartley Bay and staying at Bear's Den Lodge. I know there's a ton of water to cover and none of us have fished it, so I'm really hoping for some input from anyone who's hit that area before. I've done my best to comb the forums and found a few good pieces of info from years gone best, but any other advice would be more than welcome. We're after bass, walleye, and pike. I understand walleye seems to be the big draw there, but more-so in Spring and Fall. I'm assuming with all this heat recently, the eyes have moved deep. I'd really love to find some weedy bays where we could throw plastics or topwater if possible. We're not huge fans of jigging open water, trolling, or live-bait fishing. That said, if those are the tactics that it takes to produce fish up there, we'll make it work. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer!
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