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  1. I believe that driver was killed in the crash as well.
  2. Brave pilots try to save til the last second. RIP
  3. May 13/14 Saugeen river Sunny warm bugs were out but not biting.. fishing was slow on Wed. Thursday am was fantastic..cloudy..prestorm..water level low but cool...good two days in the outdoors..other than losing my net...
  4. I'm surprised at the water level as well being so early in the season..still find it a bit behind schedule in the catching Dept..but it isn't all about the catching is it .
  5. Tues May 5.. Grey/Bruce area..
  6. Says the guy who just went to the city for a night.
  7. Spent a few hrs on a Saugeen trib in between rainstorms this afternoon..only caught 5 or 6 but more or less a scouting mission and test some new equipment.. surprised water was on the low side for this time of year..from what Ive been hearing it's been a slow week but better days ahead.. Good luck all Stay safe
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