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  1. Hearing enough of Mr Ford I decided to go fishing...h2o is really low and warm for may 13.. fishing was slow..covered alot of water.. That hot March really messed things up.. Can you tell I'm running out of excuses..😊
  2. Was just thinking of being seen and pulled over by a cranky cop who sees my gear being outside my hometown..me and cops don't mix. They still handing out those $800 tickets? Last year I didn't have a problem but can't remember if Ontario was under a "lockdown" then
  3. With these latest "rules", is anybody out there still fishing opener or the end of the month? Out of town? Solo?..
  4. I love my Brookies but not enough to get inked
  5. Give me one instance where this has happened..where someone got sick from a dead moose in a lake. That's why you test the water quality.. All those pathogens enter the water dead moose or not..
  6. "the rule of thumb is that if human activity causes an animal to become injured or orphaned, we may intervene...if not, -if it's something that happened naturally-then we don't.". ecologist Doug Smith. Nowhere have I implied that these "rescuers" were bad people..nice try..
  7. Like A dead moose is gonna harm a lake....that's hilarious. Lotta comments but no real reasons to interfere with nature..and the interfering that is done is to right the wrongs that the human race has inflicted in the first place..
  8. How do we know it will die in the woods?.. interference with nature is never the right thing
  9. I tend to not interfere with nature...if it was sick or too weak to make it it would've provided food for other animals to stay alive ..we as humans try to be heroes sometimes..just let nature be.
  10. I don't see the numbers I did about 7or8 years ago but still a problem. The shoreline damage these critters have caused in southern Ontario is ridiculous..
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