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  1. $20 per sticker gets you in all 4 draws plus a bonus draw for a free sticker into the next draw . Head to www.eriebaitandtackle.ca to enter
  2. Head over to www.eriebaitandtackle.ca to get your sticker. Only a 10 total stickers available
  3. We are a bait and tackle shop on Lake Erie, servicing Turkey Point, Port Dover, Port Rowan, and Longpoint. We specialize in bait management but are launching an online store June 2020 to compliment our retail store. You can check us out a few ways, LIVE BAIT STATUS UPDATES AVAILABLE ALL 3 ways. Facebook @ LakeEriebaitandtackleCanada website Lake Erie Bait and Tackle - Fishing Store (launching June 1,2020) Phone number 519-709-6953 Thank you for checking us out!
  4. Nice group of fish there! Very nicely done!
  5. Very cool! We get people coming in all the time with their kayaks strapped to their car roof ready to go fishing!
  6. They are amazing for fishing videos! You will love them! Just get one that isn't that old, can't go wrong...slightly used maybe.
  7. Can't wait to be able to get the boat out and go fishing again!
  8. This is a great question, but just someone laid back that can fish!
  9. Hopefully everything gets back to normal soon and we get the boats on the water! Need to catch our dinners...important more now than ever!
  10. Awesome Boats everyone! Thanks for Sharing! Loved looking at these photos and hopefully we will get them all back out on the water soon!
  11. We always have customers coming in with kayak attached to the roof ready to go fishing!
  12. It is certainly limited. Boat ramps were ordered closed, and social distancing measures in place.
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