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  1. Thanks Rizzo, they were found in the house I purchased.
  2. Thank you pikeslayer, I'll keep you in mind.
  3. Thank you akaShag, that one is not going for much.... I find a lot of ebay buyers are after something for nothing. It's the same on Amazon.
  4. Okay, I used to fish on the River Lea most of the time, but did go to Ireland a couple of times and Nrth Yorkshire Scotland.
  5. Hi Misfish, I did a lot of traling in quite a few lakes in the North of Manitoba Neultin, Windy River and a few others which I can't remember their names. But had a great time.
  6. Beautiful place John, I couldn't sell it's too homely.
  7. Good morning everyone, thank you so much for your replies. I think I'm going to enjoy this forum and hope to have lots of talks on fishing & tackle. I mainly have bank fished in Britain but I'm looking forward to lots of lake fishing. I'm only a newbie to the fishing in Canada but enjoyed a trip to Neultin 2 years ago.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and will need lots of help from the members here. I'm from across the pond, just moved here to Sault St Marie. First question... what type of fishing is best in my area?? Also please give me some idea of the type of traling or where is the best bank fishing?? I also have a few antique lures found in the house i bought. Can I put some pictures on here so maybe you members can give me some idea of their age & what they would be used for?? It is really beautiful here in Ontario. Thanks for all your help in advance.
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