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  1. Yeah they were stuffed with a cheddar jalapeño cream cheese mixture. I think there were some diced green onions in there too. Can't quite remember the recipe.....
  2. Ron I tried something similar back in 2017. Haven't done it since (my bad) but it was an incredible experience. So good. Didn't use the bacon to wrap the burgers, that's truly inspired. Here are a couple of photos I could find from my archives.
  3. Ugh I'm so sorry for this family right now.
  4. I've made a total of one Gumbo in my lifetime and it was sooooooo good. Gotta try it again.
  5. I love making soups in the winter. Sadly this winter there hasn't been a lot of time to do so. Personally, I'm a chili guy when the temperatures drop.
  6. We can hope and pray for the best but sadly this looks like it's going to end badly for the family. I hear you Old Ironmaker, living in a small community has it's benefits but when tragedy strikes, it weighs on everyone.
  7. Oh yeah for sure. I have a couple of new(er) ones and one that is probably 40 years old that was handed down to me. Use them all the time and love them for their consistent, radiant heat. Just never used one to do a pizza in....yet! 😎
  8. Whoa what a stunning owl! Love the glowing eyes!
  9. Definitely better than take-out! I've heard about doing pizza in a cast iron skillet. Sounds cool.
  10. That's definitely always the big question. If you have it priced what the market finds "reasonable" you'll have no problem selling it. Best of luck!
  11. Do you use a pizza stone with the smoker to do pizzas? Or do you have another technique that works well?
  12. It's true but this winter has felt LONG. Ready for warmer temps, longer days and the open water!
  13. We thought it was a nice event! It was a our first time doing it and we met a lot of really nice people.
  14. What a unique deer! Thanks for sharing the photos and your experiences. Too cool!
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