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  1. Just have patience when lining up the shifter and you should be fine. How to videos are a great resource
  2. How can you travel with all the covid (Latin term for flue virus) bodies in the streets. The morgues are over full, the hospitals are jam packed causing traffic issues for miles. How can you get around all that mayhem ? (Narrative of the news agencies) Reality is much different. Go fishing, enjoy yourself, reset your mind. As a side note, everyone in Ontario who has challenged a lockdown ticket has had all charges dropped This is a Hot topic post that may be erased to avoid issues
  3. To save a lot of issues just remember the old saying You can't fix stupid Typically we have major issues in the end of Spring and end of Summer when people put their crafts in or out for the year. After a few times of being verbally abused after offering to help I just sit back and enjoy the show. Last fall I felt bad for the wife as she was taking a lot of verbal abuse from the dumbass who had a lot of anger and no brains. Again, "You can't fix stupid "
  4. I wonder if this effect BaitCloud product???
  5. For drag disks I got to these guys. http://smoothdrag.com/ D-wayne
  6. If you are interested in fighting a fish, try landing a carp...
  7. Unfortunately too many people do not care enough. The term is about as accurate as possible "SHEEPLE" "And then they came for the ₩£!¥ people, I am not one of those so I did nothing. Then they came for me, I cried for help but there was no one left...."
  8. Unfortunately this looks like the new normal
  9. After touring around some lakes in Eastern Ontario I am noticing that some lakes are losing all of the broad leaf vegitation (again). Are there any lakes in your area with similar issues? I have seen this many times with lakes south of the border, the reason for the loss of vegitation there is "vegitation control spraying" then the locals complain about the lake of fish and the toxicity of the water. Hopefully this is something that is a fluke and not a new normal in Ontario.
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