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  1. After touring around some lakes in Eastern Ontario I am noticing that some lakes are losing all of the broad leaf vegitation (again). Are there any lakes in your area with similar issues? I have seen this many times with lakes south of the border, the reason for the loss of vegitation there is "vegitation control spraying" then the locals complain about the lake of fish and the toxicity of the water. Hopefully this is something that is a fluke and not a new normal in Ontario.
  2. I have the SoftLock clips ready for sale. If you are with a bass club have them contact me to arrange for a discount and free shipping https://bramestorm.com/soft`lock-culling-system
  3. As the seasons open up I got out for a little fish with my wife on a back lake north of Kingston. It took a little while to find the school but when we did we had a blast. All fish were returned to catch another day. The big thing was to give the SoftLock culling clips a test run on Crappies, and I was very surprise how well they work. Yes this is a bit of a product plug post but it is my own design that I have been working on for the last two years, and now I am ready to bring them to market. In two hours we caught 6 pike (1 to 6lbs), two perch (one was a fatty) a few rock bass, two large mouth bass (around 14"), and a couple dozen crappies most were close to the size in the picture which is nice to see a healthy school. As the weather warms the water the bugs will start hatching and the Crappie will school around the reeds and stems looking to feed up for their spawn.
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