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  1. Dear all While I appreciate that carp fishing is not for everyone, it is fast becoming a popular sports fish in both Canada and The States. I have been carp fishing for 30 years. Needless to say - I love it! I hope that it is acceptable to share this here. I have just been voted in as State Chair for Ontario for the Carp Anglers Group (carpanglersgroup.com), and have a huge to-do list. Right off the bat, I was asked to create a Facebook Group page. This group page is set up and will include - Carp Anglers Group - Ontario Agenda. In no particular order: CAG member (and guests) Fish-In (2-3 a year). Promote CAG and its membership. Junior Fish-In and teaching days. Local meet ups. Meetings/contact with local press to promote carp fishing. Maintain contact with MNRF regarding multi line (2 rod) fishing for carp. Various prize giveaways. Please come an give us a visit: CAG - Ontario Group page Again, I completely understand that carp fishing and carp in general is not everyone's cup of tea. Thank you for reading this far! All the best, and tight lines.
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