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  1. Thanks OhioFisherman! This is very helpful. Other than a straight classic jig, I wasn't sure what gear would be best. Much appreciated, going to have some fun with these.
  2. Terry and Old Ironmaker I did want to thank you for the good advice on light tackle. I did only use my ultralight rod last spring. Wish we could get a response from a provincial rep to say what they look for specifically.
  3. Hi Old Ironmaker, Thank you for straightening me out in your edited post but again you misunderstand me. I don't think cottage owners are mean, although some don't understand fishing. I am a cottage owner myself, and I know the lake well. And many owners on our lake do not approve of fishing in any way, including catch-and-release. For example, I am always very respectful of boundaries and personal space. If people are out on their dock, I go around. Yet I have been yelled at from the shore more thank a few times. My favorites include "there aren't any fish in this bay" or "you're not supposed to be fishing now". One guy threatened to throw a rock at me. I politely explain the regs, but it falls on deaf ears. It's usually an environmental argument that even though you have paid for a license, you are harming nature, or being cruel. Negative comments have gotten bad on our local Facebook page every time someone posts a legal fish pic. And, there was recently a lengthy discussion about how fishermen shouldn't fish around docks because they have a whole big lake to use! Some folks recently started a new Facebook group where you are permitted to post pictures of legally taken fish and game, which is not tolerated on the original page. I was sincerely looking for fishing advice, yet being challenged like I'm a scofflaw and certainly not getting the benefit of the doubt. I thought this would be a place to get help from more experienced fishermen.
  4. Hi Old Ironmaker, I apologize for not being clear, and I see that I may have implied something that was not my intent. I absolutely do not want to fish for bass out of season. I want to fish for other species in the spring when the weather is nice. By "appear" I mean, if i am using, for example, a curly-tail grub for crappie, that's also a decent smallmouth bait. Would an official challenge that? Your point about beds is well taken, and I do stay off spawning areas pre-bass season. I'm asking because the term "target" in the regs is unclear. If I use a large senko it's pretty likely I'm targeting largemouth, so I don't use them at all then. But, it's not that definitive for some lures. I'm trying to enjoy legal fishing in the spring and stay well within the rules, and catch some stuff. I release everything anyway, including in-season bass. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, I could use some advice. I am primarily an artificial lure bass fisher in zone 18. I would like to fish in the spring and bass season doesn't start until the third week of June. The regulations state that not only do you have to release any bass that you might catch before bass season opens, but you also cannot TARGET bass. I would like to know what lures I can use for other species (crappie, pike) so that I can 1) catch them and 2) not appear to be bass fishing if I am challenged by authorities or, as is more often the case, cottagers who don't want anyone to fish and use the bass off-season argument to demand that you stop. Bass might be caught on just about any lure, but how do I lower the odds and still catch quality fish? Thanks for any advice.
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