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  1. Huge Customer Appreciation Sale on right now with up to 50% off. 10% Discount Codes for $10 which gets entry into a draw to win a Garmin Striker. https://www.tackledepot.ca/products/coupon-draw-garmin-striker-plus-5cv-transducer
  2. For those interested the Canada Day Sale: https://www.tackledepot.ca/pages/canada-day-sale-flyer
  3. Yes. Sorry for the delay, we just got a shipment in. Give me a day and I will message you what we have.
  4. For the great support by Ontario Fishing Community. If anyone wants rods I can do free shipping on any rod today exclusively for this forums.
  5. Thanks all for the feedback. Good news we are in the process of getting our hands on Mega Bass! Will post here when that becomes a reality.
  6. Thank you. We are looking into several of these. For those interested here is a little inside information: Tackle Depot is doing BOGO sale for Berkley Powerbait The General 24 hours sale starting 9am EST tomorrow. https://buff.ly/2In0KeC
  7. Out of curiosity what Mega Bass products are most of you interested in?
  8. Thanks for the feedback and thank you for those who have ordered. 3 people from the forums have made purchases with the coupon! We've been trying to get Mega Bass as well as some other lines, but some of the products are dealer exclusive and won't export to Canada unless orders of $20,000 are made. We are trying to find work arounds. If anyone is interested in a Rapala Walleye Team Issue 1 PC - Casting Rod. I've got two that I will sell for 50% off and free shipping with code WALLEYEROD just for this forums. You need to go through this link: https://buff.ly/2X8Ueyl
  9. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Here is a coupon for 5% off if anyone is interested. Code: 5OFF
  10. We are open to stocking anything depending on interest. The best way is to reach out through our contact form and I will make sure it gets in front of the right people. I've also made a discount code just for this forums: ONTARIOFISHINGCOMMUNITY which will save anyone 10% on their purchase.
  11. Hello All, I am probably breaking some forum rules and I do apologize for that, but I wanted to share a newly launched website Tackle Depot. Tackle Depot is the Canadian version of Tackle Warehouse. This means cheap shipping and competitive rates. They also have an affiliate program that pays out 2.5-5% for all referred users for life. I thought some of you might benefit from this and I wanted to share this. Full disclaimer I am involved with the project. Let me know if you have any questions.
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