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  1. Management strategy for this little creek is to remove the browns to lessen competition for the brookies. It is a small creek with fantastic brook trout habitat and gets electofished with browns being removed to a brown trout river. It is a tiny creek and I am pretty sure is very under utilized. So while I would probably never keep them out of a brown trout creek I have no issues removing them from this particular creek.
  2. This creek is less than 3 feet wide a is full of blow downs. As soon as the water comes down round about July/s, I'll start fly fishing again
  3. 1227160905_12inch.JPG
    Which really turned the browns on. So I invited a couple of them home for dinner.
  4. Hey looking for someone in the KW area who would like to get out for some creek fishing for Brookies and Browns this weekend. All you need is a rod and reel I will supply the spots and we will use my truck. Just PM me if you are in .
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