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  1. Again, so grateful for this community! I think the lack of sleep has made me feel a bit defeated. Yes, Chris you are right, I will get my money back and thanks for the incredible support. It’s easy to lose faith in people when you’ve been scammed and then people like you and Rizzo show up to prove there are exceptionally good people out there. I received a response from the dealership and they are calling Xwrp on Monday. Thanks to Rizzo and member iionly, the info they provided on this thread has lead me to the “denial reason”. Which is very vague and indicates when the contract expires but does not state the refund will not be issued. This is what the contract states.... ”Warranty Refund” means a Warranty Refund program in which the underlying Warranty Contract must expire by time only.” So it has expired by time, issue my refund!
  2. Same here Rizzo....Made some decisions based on this refund. The transmission blew at 108,000km. Decided to keep the van and have it repaired knowing we had $2500.00 coming our way. At this time with four kids and a couple in university we are feeling this loss. Plan is to take this one step at a time via email only because I’ll have a tough time keeping my cool over the phone plus want everything in writing. If we don’t get the money I want to at least ruffle some feathers to prevent others falling for this scam. I knew without a doubt I would hit the 100,000 mark in about 3.5-4 years, I should not have been sold this.
  3. Thanks Chris, I might just take you up on that offer. I'll keep you posted.
  4. Couldn't agree with you more Rizzo! Having trouble sleeping, can't believe I fell for this scam. Was trusting Dodge/Chrysler to steer me in the right direction. Thanks again for the support.
  5. I bought the van at Woodbine Chrysler in Markham, Ontario. I have placed a call to them and they said they have never had an issue with the program and will look into it tomorrow. I am extremely disappointed and feel like I’ve been cheated and misled. I will fight it the best I can. One of the comments made here mentions a slideshow that may help me. Thank you all so much, can’t tell you how much this forum means to me right now.
  6. I’m the latest victim :( So glad to come across this group to get feedback and advise. Bought a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan to drive to and from work and back and forth from Toronto to North Dakota to visit family. When purchasing vehicle, they suggested this warranty due to excessive km’s we would be using. We have 4 kids and have to be really careful with our money. When we reached the 100,000 km mark I spoke to the dealership about getting my extended warranty money back and they said we had to wait till the 5 year mark passed. Five years or 100,000 km which ever is reached last. I have patiently waited and submitted my claim on the 5 year anniversary date. Just got my letter declining my request because they said it was based on km’s not time. I would never have bought it, I knew I would reach the km’s prior to the five year mark. I was sold it because I would be using a lot of km’s. So upset, we were really counting on the money.
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