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  1. https://news.ontario.ca/en/bulletin/59312/bass-tournament-organizer-fined-9000-for-not-following-licence-conditions
  2. Has he been charged? If so with what? All I see is a public shaming.
  3. What RPMS are you turning? Add extra wight to boat by adding stuff? Been very humid, mine loses RPMS and speed till the weather is cooler. Lower unit was apart or just change impeller? Your plug gap should be fine if they are NGK. If your compression is good, no idling issues or missing at WOT or any range it may be hard to diagnose. I'd fix the ding in prop either way. My 97 150 turns a 23 p prop at 5500-to5600 in cooler weather and 5200-5400 in the humid stuff, mph varies from 55-60 depending on load and weather for me.
  4. I was being my usual sarcastic self. If you don't know species your retaining to keep and consume it's probably best you throw it back. No different then poaching IMO.
  5. Whats the limit on unknown species? I'm confused.
  6. Thanks fro reminding me to cancel mine.
  7. Custom mold and tint. Out of Texas but if you want a windshield that looks stock. http://getaboatwindshield.com/
  8. Back in the day we used to change cowlings to avoid this. 15hP WERE 9.9 ETC. But as other poster pointed out, no you don't need to register a 9.9.
  9. Had one as a kid, they were everywhere on Crow lake back in the 70'80's. Such a blast.
  10. Tips need to be back, point them forward and your risking losing an expensive combo. SAme boat I can fit 7'6 rods on deck with reels forward. Whats wrong with stock location for bungee? I've used it for 13 years.
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