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  1. Thanks fro reminding me to cancel mine.
  2. Custom mold and tint. Out of Texas but if you want a windshield that looks stock. http://getaboatwindshield.com/
  3. Back in the day we used to change cowlings to avoid this. 15hP WERE 9.9 ETC. But as other poster pointed out, no you don't need to register a 9.9.
  4. Had one as a kid, they were everywhere on Crow lake back in the 70'80's. Such a blast.
  5. Tips need to be back, point them forward and your risking losing an expensive combo. SAme boat I can fit 7'6 rods on deck with reels forward. Whats wrong with stock location for bungee? I've used it for 13 years.
  6. Now what would this world be without all the misinformation.
  7. Any tilt and trim fluid will work i believe as will ATF.
  8. That's how I've filled them in the past. I used a slight incline, lowered nose all the way down, tilted motor up, engage tilt bracket or block of wood to prevent motor dropping down, open cap slowly and fill with a plastic syringe as its easier to fit into hole that Yammi provides. Fill till it pours back out of reservoir, cap it, release pressure relief valve slowly and allow it drop all the way down till rams compress. You can use motor to lift it back up but you will need to wait some time between cycles to allow air bubbles to dissipate, i just lift manually by skeg and close valve when I get to top or back onto bracket. Repeat steps till you can get no more fluid in it, it will just pour out when cap is opened and you should be good. Yes I would try and fill first, clean area up and cycle it a bunch of times and check for leaks, you may be surprised if it doesn't leak. I've seen issue before where it leaks in fall when very cold out but warm weather no leaks. Good luck.
  9. I'd love to see them enforce that.
  10. You buy new caps? If so use punch and hammer to remove old. If not I've used split ring pliers to remove. Grab a litre of fluid, fill till you can't get anymore in, manually lift motor up and down and refill till it won't take anymore, or use switch but wait about 20 mins to fill again, should hear air escape when opening cap slowly. Lower front of boat as low as possible. HAve you tried is since last fall?
  11. Nothing makes a guy buying a trail permit to help maintain trails and keep a system in place happier then seeing a side by side or ATV rutting up a freshly groomed trail to access a lake miles away. Saw a side by side stuck in the middles of the E trail last week while "fishing". Some use it as an excuse but others just don't give a shi*. I personally don't care if they use trails to access fishing spots but its the AZZhats that ruin it for them all, not just ATV's etc but some snowmobilers are even worse going off trail and destroying things.
  12. It's not hard job to replace seals, fairly easy. Filling quite simple as well, lower front of boat as low as possible, tilt motor by hand or with switch and raise till its on bracket. Remove cap, fill with oil, work motor up and down and repeat. If using trim hydraulics to raise wait abotu15 mins before each cycle and before opening cap as air will escape and bubble created in HYD fluid from operating it with the switch. Manually lifting and lowering reduces that. The manual bypass needs to be opened all the way and closed all the way to do this.
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