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  1. Hello all, well we are down to 5 weeks until we head north to sturgeon lake/trappers point. I was wondering if anyone has stayed at trappers point in the past. We are still trying to gather any information we can on sturgeon lake. Especially the north/west end where trappers is. We also will have use of boats on some of the out lakes in the area. Can anyone shed some light on the area around trappers and the area lakes around sturgeon and savant? Any info would be enormously helpful. Thanks in advance. Scott stay safe and good fishin!!
  2. Uncut Angling. Never been a fan of shows that feature angling i will never likely do. I especially like the shows that actually demonstrate the techniques that are being used. Anything that features Al linder is right up there as well. Cronk
  3. HEY!!!! mine isnt working worth a poop now either. I can still access the maps but they take forever to load and large lakes around here only load partially. I think this years subscription was a bust. As to the previous post about regressing service. In most cases its illegal. It falls under payment for services not rendered. If you buy a boat new with a 50 hp 4 stroke merc they can not show up and replace the merc with a 9.9hp. You purchase a product with terms. Thats the whole point of an EULA. You read the description of the product make an informed decision. Once the product is purchased you own that product as it was advertised and presented. Normally thats why a base product is made available with micro transaction to pay for upgrades and added content/features. What Navionics seems to be doing is degrading an existing product to compel its customers to purchase upgrades just to get the product you purchased in the first place. The whole thing reeks of product misrepresentation. scott
  4. I have the north american app and have had lots of issues since about oct last year. Ive had my way points drift from place to place. Lakes that were well mapped become extremely vague in how they are mapped. Not sure if its some sort of update i didnt get or if this is almost a sort of nerfing of the product? When i first got it navionics was a pretty tight and accurate app. Hope they get things hammered out. It was a fantastic app for ice fishing. Loved it for marking weed lines as the winter progressed. Cronk
  5. Well this has getten 0 responses despite a lot of views. so im thinking i asked the wrong question. so here it goes. Is there a particular reason to avoid strugeon lake from a fisheries stand point.. as stated above we will be at trappers point lodge in sept. But if the info is this slow in coming i would have to believe there is not much positive to say. Local guides resort owners including the one we are staying with and the ontario tourism board have so far not gotten back to me. This sadly is what leads me to think sturgeon is not a fantastic/healthy fishery. So maybe i just ask about lakes in the immediate area, such as squaw lake,eady lake, string bean, six mile lake, beckington, barnard, princess, and vanessa. maybe people can shed some light on these lakes. We will have access to those as well. Thanks again Cronk
  6. My son was lucky enough to win a weeks stay at Trappers Point Lodge. This trip will take place the first week in sept. sept1-8. Right now im gathering information. Overall health of the fishery. Personal stories of your trips, etc, We are staying at the northern most finger of lake. Considering the size of this body of water we are just trying to size things up in ragards to how far we will have to motor by boat to get to good eye/laker/northern fishing. Any and all info is greatly appreciated. We are from west central wisconsin and have NO water that even approached sturgeon in size. I find attacking a lake such as this very intimidating. Thanks again guys Cronk Stay safe and good fishin!!!
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