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  1. 6" manual ice auger - used

    Buy now and be ready for next season! I have a new 8" ... so no need for this one. This came with a pop-up hut I recently purchased. Located in Peterborough. $50. O.B.O.
  2. Website Design

    I have in the past. Have sites I can refer you to for samples. You can PM me if still looking.
  3. Update on Chemong Causeway fishing.

    Since I'm local to this spot ... it will be interesting to see how this year unfolds with the new enforcement. If it reduces pollution and makes the area safer, I'm in support.
  4. Sportsman Show any good?

    LOL We did the Zets trip after our visit to the Fishing show a few weeks back. I think a lot of guys do that. Zets is one of the best places for an excellent, cheap and HUGE meal. Don't tell too many people because that place just can't get any busier!
  5. Looks like Fishbum Outfitters has gone 'teats up'

    When I placed my order at the start of January, the site was up and running and looked great. They were now offering boat wraps (I don't believe that was listed on their site a couple years ago when I first visited it). And when I did a followup in February of my order, I exchanged a couple emails with a lady there and she confirmed my order was being processed ... just delayed because their provider was back ordered.
  6. Been waiting 10 weeks now for an order I placed on their website start of January. Went to their website just now and see they've folded. The Better Business Bureau has a surprising number of complaints against them. If I had know that, I would not have placed my order. I was immediately charged for my order ($150) but nothing has been delivered. I've reached out to my 'back-door' contact there (from when I did a lot of digging last month since they were not returning my inquiries through their customer service line) and I'm hoping this contact will get back to me and can refund my $150. Too bad. They were a family run business and had very cool clothing. When they made the move to expand the business 4 years ago -> https://www.muskokaregion.com/news-story/5179476-fishbum-makes-dwight-its-new-hq/ Alas, their site is now down -> http://fishbumoutfitters.com
  7. Stoney Lake/Clear Lake Area?

    I don't know about the charts history. I will have to dig into it so I can learn more. It wasn't until very recently I even learned of it.
  8. Stoney Lake/Clear Lake Area?

    Just for fun .... my recent Instagram post which is relevant to this thread.
  9. Stoney Lake/Clear Lake Area?

    No problem. Here is a new webcam setup @ Burleigh Falls Inn. It is right next to the popular Burleigh Falls rapids that is photographed above in this thread. http://www.benlo.com/cottagecam/Burleigh/ When looking at this end of the lake from this Webcam, on the immediate left is the locks to Lovesick. On the immediate right is Burleigh Falls rapids. What you can see is common in most of the lakes here now. Open water in the areas of water movement ... and very thin ice in the areas of little to no water movement.
  10. Stoney Lake/Clear Lake Area?

    I live on Buckhorn Lake, just a couple lakes up the Trent system from Burleigh. Stoney and Clear are approx 30 min drive from my place. No one is on the ice on the Trent Severn lakes. Ice in most places is gone ... and in the places where it was thickest and had huts .... all are empty. I drive by Chemong and Buckhorn every day to-and-from work and the huts I see all winter are gone and have been for approx 3 weeks. It is possible there may still be the odd place that has ice but to get to it may be an issue. I would advise against it.
  11. Spring is in the air

    Nothing in Peterborough either.
  12. Ice fishing Bib and Jacket that are PDF?

    I believe the Frabill Float is Coast Guard approved (from what it says on the Frabill website).
  13. Ice fishing Bib and Jacket that are PDF?

    Could you share what make yours is and where you purchased it? Thanks
  14. Ice fishing Bib and Jacket that are PDF?

    Good point Akrisoner. If an angler is mostly hut oriented, a 2 piece setup makes sense. But if not a hut user, the better the protection against any wind on the lake the better. Hmmmmmm .... maybe I should get both. (i wish) Thanks for the suggestion of Nautilus.