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  1. TheKawarthaAngler

    lake infested with goldfish

    Won't be long and we'll be hearing of Goldfish tournaments! 😂
  2. TheKawarthaAngler

    lake infested with goldfish

    Nope. They are not tropical (which is salt water), they are fresh water and pretty resilient.
  3. TheKawarthaAngler

    Do you recycle your plastic baits?

    That was quite interesting to see! Thanks for sharing.
  4. TheKawarthaAngler

    Big Bald Lake

    You are close to Catalina Bay Resort. There is a launch there. Also a restaurant. You're also not far from Oak Shores. I believe there is a launch there. But you are probably better off going to Catalina Bay Resort.
  5. TheKawarthaAngler

    In the market for a rainsuit.

    I got one of the Frogg Togg's from BassPro earlier. Nice setup and doesn't cost too much for something that may get used a couple times a year. I can't recall for certain, but believe it was the Toadz Rain Jacket I got. It was approx $110. I wanted one of those high end Gortex ones, but couldn't justify the cost since I'm not an Angler that's on the water 3 days a week rain-or-shine.
  6. TheKawarthaAngler

    Upper Buckhorn Lake Fishing

    My buddy and I were on Pigeon on Saturday. We explored some of the north end, closer to the entrance of Bald Lake. It sure was a very windy day out there. Didn't know there was a tournament going on (but not surprised, they seem to always going on). Never heard of the Theona tournament though. I guess that is just for the residents of that trailer park? I live across the bay next to Kawartha Hideaway. He did well that day. A couple really nice ones. I'm afraid I was just the net man that day.
  7. TheKawarthaAngler

    Upper Buckhorn Lake Fishing

    What lake and what tourny? I live on Upper Buckhorn and am curious .....
  8. TheKawarthaAngler

    Anyone know how to get this rear seat out?

    Thanks for the input. I just needed to remove the back wood/carpet from the seat since the rest of the seat carpet is OK. Last night I ripped off the carpet on the back of the seat and see that it is a single board screwed to the back of the seat. With the screws exposed I easily removed the back piece. I think for the time being, that is all I need to remove to do this partial carpet re-do job. Thanks.
  9. TheKawarthaAngler

    Anyone know how to get this rear seat out?

    I think it is one piece. But I'll twist and yank on it and see what happens.
  10. TheKawarthaAngler

    Anyone know how to get this rear seat out?

    It's a 2007 Lowe Fish and Ski 165. That pic isn't from my boat, but it's identical. I think the small metal piece on the left and right side of the seat that overlaps the seat approx 1 - 2 inches is what holds it in place. But I can't figure out how to remove or where the screws may be. I've searched online but most of the seat removal videos are about bass boats.
  11. Pulled up next to me at a stop light. It was in mint condition. I believe it is the 1961 - 1965 German Amphicar 770 Convertible.
  12. In my boat re-carpeting project, I'm stumped in how to get the rear seats out of my Fish & Ski boat.
  13. TheKawarthaAngler


    Sounds like your boat was struck by lightening one day when you didn't know it.
  14. TheKawarthaAngler

    Need a store for mail order fishing gear/lures.

    https://fishingworld.ca/ https://www.cabelas.ca/ https://www.sail.ca/ http://www.anglerschoice.ca/ http://www.gagnonsports.com/fishing https://www.xzonelures.com/site/home
  15. TheKawarthaAngler


    PM'd you.