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  1. What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    Yes. It's possible not all police officers are aware that they are within their power to enforce fishing reg's. Many probably don't know what the different fishing reg's are and simply stay away from it. But for this officer to go over and discuss license and what is in season to what is not when looking at their bucket of fish, they certainly could and noone could question it.
  2. What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    The word from my Enforcement Officer acquaintance ..... Conservation Officers (CO) for the most part focus on mandated legislation......natural resources related. However, CO’s also enforce the boating regulations, alcohol, etc. We can arrest impaired boaters and do on numerous occasions. OPP are also considered to be CO’s under the FWCA. Not Fisheries Officers...........so they will and can ask you for your fishing licence. They don’t look at numbers, size, and seasons very often. So even though it may not be known by every police officer ... since not everyone knows every potential element of their job ... they can certainly enforce fishing legislation, just as Enforcement Officers can arrest and impound impaired drivers.
  3. What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    I believe if stopped on the water: OPP: check for valid boating license, alcohol (drinking and driving) and mandatory safety equipment MNR Enforcement Officer: check for valid fishing license and to review the live well (any possession of fish and if valid size and season) FYI ... I currently have this question out with a MNR Enforcement Officer that I'm an acquaintance with. Will update when I have 'the word'.
  4. It’s a good day when she starts

    Yup ... it sure is nice when she starts up first time in the spring like it ran the day before. This spring startup for me had some added anxiety. I made the BIG mistake of forgetting to take my boat plug out when I put her into storage last fall. Even though I double tarp the boat .. both tarps were garbage and let water in. The result ... lots of water was in the boat (actually ice at first ...so I had to let it thaw out). My Fish & Ski boat has a 100L tank under the floor and I'm pretty sure she was completely under water. I was pretty pissed at myself. She always is put away in the fall with a full tank of premium and stabalizer. But still ... could water have leached in somehow since the boat is 10years old? I don't have (at least not yet) a water/fuel separator ... so I put a container of 'water remover' in the gas and crossed my fingers. Yesterday she started right up and for my run around the lake she didn't miss a beat. 2007 75hp 4-stroke Honda.
  5. Debris on lakes

    A boogie board! SWEET
  6. Debris on lakes

    I like to get on the water first thing once the ice is out and when the flooding happens a few weeks later because sometimes you find good stuff. One year I got a brand new adult life jacket and another I got a brand new water noodle. Another year a rain barrel floated up to my dock but it was my neighbors from a few doors down so they came and claimed it before I grabbed it and put it next to my shed. But as I was fishing last night off my dock for the bays crappie and blue gill ... I was fishing at times around a part of a dock that floated in ... looked like a 2x10 approx 8' long. Those are certainly the dangers to watch out for not just early spring, but all the time.
  7. I knew we'd received too much rain yesterday...

    Spring of 2017 the Trent Severn flooded in many locations. I'm on Buckhorn Lake and it flooded (flooded is open to interpretation ... some areas flooded bad, others were just much higher than normal). Anyhow ... in my backyard (where we walk and I cut the grass) the water had gone up so much that the part that is lowest had approx 3 - 8 inches of water. I couldn't believe it but there were schools of bluegill that would come into the super shallow, warm water ... on my grass. If I walked down towards the flooded spot they would all scurry off and go back to the deeper water of my small bay. It would create quite a splash in the shallow water. It was quite funny. Well ... I made it my mission to fish in this 3 - 8 inch of water and catch one ... just to say I did. It took a while ... but I caught one with my ultralight. Makes for a good story when I'm down at the water with someone and I point out where the fish were and where I caught it. Right up in my yard where I cut the grass by the fire pit! P.S. This was the only time I've seen my neighbors dock which sits on a crib ... float away.
  8. Got Me A New Toy. :)

    That is just too cool ....
  9. What should I look for in a Baitcaster?

    I agree with Akrisoner. They are a different beast and not for everyone. But if you want to give it a try, there's certainly nothing wrong with that. I follow a couple YouTube channels that do reel reviews and if wanting to try a very well regarded, low cost baitcaster, consider the Piscifun Torrent: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0719GVW56/?coliid=I2IIW5A3L2OGT6&colid=LBQQL8ITDL73&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Or a common brand name used ... they can be had pretty cheap sometimes. But that Piscifun has gotten a lot of positive feedback for being non-mainstream. Put 50lb braid on it and match it to a medium heavy action rod (maybe a 7' to 7'6") so that you have a great crankbait/jigging/spinnerbait/frogging/chatterbait rod. Keep the lighter spinning for lighter baits such as tubes, worms, skipping under docks, etc.
  10. Is 10LB Braided line to light?

    I know. I looked at the Amazon link. Sell your spool on Kijiji for $50 and consider it a good experience.
  11. Is 10LB Braided line to light?

    Wow. That's a great deal. 1500 yards for the price of 500 yards. Put it on Kijiji ... shouldn't have a problem selling it.
  12. Got an email courtesy of a new MNR e-mail newsletter update service. Looks more like a license/card change than anything else. Details -> https://www.ontario.ca/page/get-outdoors-card#section-7 Items taken from the email newsletter: Updating our fish and wildlife licensing service This November we're making updates to our licensing service. Our goal is to make it easier for you to buy fishing and hunting licences. A couple of exciting features in the new service include: A single version of the plastic Outdoors Card. (Hunter accreditation will no longer appear on the Outdoors Card; it will be tracked in the new service.) A Licence Summary that lists all your valid fishing and hunting licences.The Licence Summary can be printed from home but you also have the option to store it on a digital device such as your smartphone. Future regulation changes Next, we're making improvements to some fishing and hunting rules. Fishing regulation changes will come into effect in November 2018, and hunting regulations will change in January 2019. Here are some things that will be different for hunters: In 2019, game seals will be replaced by "tags". You'll have the option to print your tag from home, making it easier to prepare for hunting season. Plastic see-through luggage tag holders can help protect your tags from the elements. Reporting rules for hunters are also changing. All hunters who are issued a tag in 2019 will be asked to submit a report whether or not they hunted or harvested an animal. This new mandatory hunter reporting will replace the current mix of hunter/harvest reporting and voluntary hunter questionnaires.
  13. Is 10LB Braided line to light?

    That's the where. Now the who .....
  14. Is 10LB Braided line to light?

    I've been curious about J Braid as well. I just assumed it was some 'made in china' generic braid that Daiwa brands as their own. Would be interesting to hear from someone at Daiwa where it comes from/who makes it. I know a Daiwa rep, I'll try to remember next time I see him.
  15. Looking for a 7' ultra light rod

    Not selling mine ... but I have the Daiwa 7' ultra light and its a nice 'middle of the road' rod. Got it on sale at a place in the T.O. area that was closing shop a year ago.