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  1. I'm going. Picking up a used 24v trolling motor in the parking lot, and then go walk around. Usually just buy a tshirt or something.
  2. I'm excited for it! Angling Sports is a great store too, with good staff, but I like having options.
  3. Thanks guys, were still scrounging around. Like I said, I really enjoyed Mashkinonje, and we absolutely love the area, but we need to find someone who's willing to work with us on the price a bit. The cottages are beautiful there and Regan and his wife are fantastic hosts. That being said, as Ironmaker mentioned, we really don't need all that. Flush toilets are nice, and we always manage to find our own room for $300 a person. Since we go in the offseason, we've often had entire resorts to ourselves, or maybe one other cottage. Right now I've got my eye on Wajashk cottages in Dokis on the french, and my buddy is sending me one from Tamar island, on Temagami. Water access in sepetember isn't super ideal to me. Gordy, those places are both water access? My buddy's boat has a 60, and I've got an 80, so were not bad there. I'll get there first.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I've got a few to dig through!
  5. Thanks Lew, we've stayed at both of those places. I loved Mashkinonje, I loved how easy it was to go up or down the river to good spots that I was aware of. The cottages were very nice, and Regan is a blast. In fact, when I stayed there two years ago, I'd recognized your boat from all your posts on here, and spent several hours having beers and telling stories with Regan. However, its too much money for my cheap friends. Our first year of making the trip guys only, we stayed at Memquisite, and we all really liked how well spaced the cottages were, and the fishing was excellent. Problem with them, is when we went to rebook the next year, they'd raised the cost over $70 per person, even though we were returning, and we stay during a week where no one else was there last time.. They wanted to charge us $70 for launching and docking each boat, even though there's a free launch on the island you drive in on, and the cottage is water access, so of course I need docking?! It was unfortunate, we really could have started a long standing tradition of going there.
  6. Hey guys and gals, we're looking at booking (ahhhh) our annual guys fishing trip for this fall already. We usually go the short week in september, and its not uncommon for us to get serious about booking something in July. (we're guys) So. we're looking for some input here, I'm sure everyone has their spots. We'd like to find something that isn't much further than Temagami, but one of the guys is looking at a place two hours past Sudbury, so I guess that doesn't mean much. And it would be nice to find a place with some Walleye and I know some guys like to hunt Musky or big pike, too. We are not good walleye fishermen however. In 5 or 6 years of doing this trip, we've caught walleye twice. Once at three mile lake, and once at the west arm of nippissing. I'd also like to mention that most of our guys are cheap, so around $300 per person would be ideal, but we can flex on that a bit. Preferably a resort too, there's 8 of us, so its an awful lot of one cabin. Thanks for any help possible.
  7. I think he should go get his other belt from woodley, the ufc needs a story right now, people would eat it up.
  8. Your 4runner has 4piston calipers, there's no sliders to service. I've had a 4runner for 8 years, I've done all 4 calipers, and maybe 2 twice. As you said, its a very common issue on 4runners, though there's a lot of speculation that they improved from mine (4th gen) to your body style (5th gen). I also regularly let mine sit for up to a month at a time, not great for it, but I don't always need it and I tend to just forget to stretch its legs every once in a while.
  9. My wife got me the $25 one for my birthday a while ago, I've got three boxes so far, and they've been fun for me. I'm kind of a one trick pony when it comes to fishing, I've got maybe 3-4 go-tos that seem to work for me, so I really never buy new lures. This is a cool way for me to try some new stuff that I wouldn't normally buy, and likely I will still stick to these old tried and true methods, but its nice to get some more stuff for options when the bite gets slow. More importantly its very fun to get a box of lures every month.
  10. We just did 6 days on Trout Lake in Alban, with a group of 6 guys. 3 of our guys only caught two fish all week, we fished over 6 hours a day. One guy took 3 days to get his first fish, and wound up with 4. I had about 16 bass and pike on the week, but I was disappointed with even that.
  11. I still scoop the double tails for spinnerbait trailers 100% of the time.
  12. Good fish for sure! I don't understand put the net away?! We're going to be up in Alban in two weeks, a few of our boys looking to hook into their first muskies.
  13. We go up there in the spring, mainly just to catch bass/pike but someone always hooks into a musky. Not a very big lake, if you're there for a week, you'll figure it out!
  14. Also have an S7, really great phone. Haven't tested the waterproofness much, but its definitely water resistant.
  15. Wow, all this happened while I was sleeping! There's always someone deal hunting!!
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