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  1. Sighhh another weak chirp on your part you must have had a hard time in the schoolyard . All i'm waiting for now is the board drunk and know it all to chime in and I'll know I'm winning 😂
  2. All this says to me is you know he's right. See the difference between Smitty and the peanut gallery here is that Smitty is an actual hockey fan and brings intelligent arguments to the table whereas the Lafftard gang are a bunch of homers and wouldn't know a good hockey play if they saw one and simply spew unintelligent garbage . Most uneducated fan base with the biggest mouths with really nothing to brag about except for a couple "OK" regular seasons . See karma won't ever let this team win a cup when you have a history like the Laffs ......you know that equipment manager during the Harold Ballard years and he did it for 3 decades be proud Laff nation ?? I guess we know where Matthews got the idea for his creepy mustache . How you could ever cheer for a team after that is beyond me but I guess that speaks more to the fans character
  3. Truth hurts delicate Laff nation.... you know the 50 plus years of being losers bla bla bla Takes a certain special kinda person to be a Lafftard . We all know this story early season run then second half choke followed by a first round exit .....history keeps repeating itself over and over and over again . What's that saying about doing the same thing over and over again... forget it you guys wouldn't understand anyways . League has this team figured out in the playoffs regular season means nothing enjoy the white knuckle ride !!
  4. He made a great pylon at the blueline the other night 🤣
  5. Want some bacon and eggs grimsbylander ? What's funny is you think you're funny 🤣🤣
  6. And Spezza how's that working out ?? The master plan of infiltration into laff land has been successful ......next the self imploding Ceci. And then there was the Kadri hit....you can't make this stuff up pure gold keep chirping boys we'll just keep cooking in your kitchen🤣
  7. It's ok Matt it's like sticking your finger in an outlet you obviously don't have to be too smart to be a Laff fan. Arkisoner is the know it all on the board gets put in his place daily on here you'd think the kid would learn but he's a gluton for the punishment I think him and Chris like it . The expert on everything and the master of nothing typical know it all . I especially love his 6 paragraph answers it makes it so obvious how clueless he is and how much he needs attention and for everybody to like him .....biggest napoleon complex on here. I bet he clenches the whole time during Laff games 😂 There's hockey fans and then there's Laff fans.......
  8. You wouldn't understand since the only thing that matters is heart which the Laffs have none of . How much you paying Nylander per goal?? Let's see if Matthews actually goes in the corner this playoff seemed to avoid it last year probably worried about the wonke shoulder. You are over compensating with your 6 page description it's so bloody obvious it's like your trying to convince yourself what your saying is true classic Napoleon. Keep chirping they're so weak anyways I eat guys like you for breakfast . Keep it coming I'll get you every time . I'm cooking in your kitchen ......
  9. Your long winded uneducated and whiner posts aren't worth the rebuttal and time to be honest . You sound like a typical whiny Laff fan. It's always somebody else's fault...the refs,the fans, the media. 50 % of players from the GTA ??? BAHAHA That's right everybody is dying to play in the armpit of Canada and get put under a microscope. The fans and media will always bring this team down with the unrealistic expectations and Napoleon complex with the rest of the league. At least they moved the Hall of Fame to Toronto for you guys so you can at least look at the cup . Keep talking you only sound ridiculous the rest of us educated fans know the truth and history will repeat itself like it always does. The biggest problem with the Laffs.....heart they don't have any !! Boston will roll them just like they do everytime can't wait to hear all the excuses again and again. Takes a special type of flower to be a Laff fan enjoy . Can't wait for Marchand to get away with a ton of stuff and they listen to you guys whine about it . Christ Vegas even has more playoff wins than the Laffs since 2009 lol I'll go grab the popcorn ....
  10. No the best part is they all paid 10 times what the tickets were worth only to see their team get man handled by the last place team LMAO Imperial margarine sounds soft to me ....................
  11. Sigh......too easy and since you asked so nicely
  12. Judging how the Sens manhandled the Laffs I'd say they already won the lottery !! The Laffs on the other hand didn't win the lottery having to face Boston but I can see you guys are doubling down on that fact . Boston is so in Toronto's kitchen they'll be making bread all day and night !!
  13. Let's hope they run at this guy ....god knows you can't miss his nostrils. How long is a dislocated nostril take you out for ? I'm thinking the first round at least which means season ending injury ????
  14. It's ok Matt they have a 25 yr old GM who'll fix everything....... Enjoy the playoffs......
  15. Sigh .......even Vegas has more playoff games than the Laffs BAHAHAHA One conference final since when ? Oh yeah never mind probably can't remember that far back.......
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