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  1. Still 3 weeks for me but can’t wait, boat is ready so I will pick it up tomorrow for a test run
  2. I am heading up to Long Legged Lake Lodge the end of May, I was wondering if anyone else has ever been and had any tips. Should be a fun trip with ten of us going for the week
  3. please do not believe this statement "Problem areas are Prince Edward County and east along the St Lawrence valley and the north shore of Lake Erie. An infected tick needs to be attached to its host for at least 24 hrs before it can transmit Lyme disease" Ticks with Lyme travel via birds and are just as prevalent in Stouffville and through out southern Ontario as they are in Prince Edward County, Also a tick with Lyme only has has to be attached for a short time, as soon as it transmits fluids which is when they swell up you are at risk. Lyme is nothing you to take any chances with
  4. I had to pull mine out 3 years ago The stove I had was not wet certified so they said they would cancel my policy if I did not do the upgrade then to add insult to injury they said my rate would increase $300 a year no matter what type of wood stove I replaced it with. I ended up replacing it with propane stove, that $300 buys a lot of propane and the install and the price of the gas stove was about the same as the wood stove and chimney upgrade to wet
  5. I am sure that this will go well to help the new Ontario Liberal goal to move all Ontario homes to electric Heat by 2040 Just because they hire them does not mean they will support them. Government will only listen to what they want to hear and when they go against them they will do the same as the last government and let them go.
  6. driven buy it a thousand times but never tried it. A friend told me that they get rainbows through the ice?
  7. I have found a $1000 plus custom cover last 5-10 years a good cover for $500 last 3-5 years After my $500 cover ripped a few years ago I have gone to the CND Tire covers that go on sale all the time for $75 and they last 2-3 years But I am cheap and I love my boat and the way it looks but when the cover is on it I don't really care but when it is off it looks good
  8. Do what we did one time, head to the sand bar on pigeon and set up for 3 days
  9. Great things to have but unless you have someone how to set them up correctly and then how to use them correctly expect to spend a lot of hours learning.
  10. Please explain to my why the only thing Trudeau has done since being elected is follows Increased and already spent 4.2 billion in foreign aid in 2016 Was able not to have Canada invited to the last NATO defence counsel meeting Made a speech to the US bankers and investors and within 48 hours of the speech more than 20 US firms canceled all ready allocated funds to exploration and expansion projects in Canada
  11. North end of Simcoe then get my license to fly the Beaver I always dreamed about. That way I have great fishing out my door and anything I could dream of within a 3 hour flight
  12. funny on how all the Liberal lovers only come out at election time to complain about the PC's What Wynne is doing is just a warm up for what Justine is going to do to us next month
  13. I went today for the first time in a few years and felt disappointed when I left. $39.00 for the 3 of us to get in with the coupons they had on line. I just found it a lot smaller than I remember, did it not use to be sections 5 & 6 and this year it was only in section 5.
  14. no ice within 100 miles of the GTA is safe yet, guys please be safe and wait at least until the weekend before you even think about going out
  15. 230k a year is a low wage for CEO running a company that large, if you disagree you can spend 6 years and 300k-400k to get your MBA then you could do it as well.
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