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  1. Thanks Guys, I'm going to do it, but wait and try and find a good deal on one. No rush for this year Cheers Speerzy
  2. Hey Guys, Looking into adding the I Pilot to my trolling motor(power drive v2 70). Has anyone converted there trolling motor to this. Were you happy with the way it worked after you converted to I Pilot or disappointed . It's about $500 bucks for the kit or should I save up for a whole new unit. Thanks Speerzy
  3. Nice to here for a change. Hope this keeps going!!
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. He still has that grin on his face.
  5. Got up early to go riggin for salmon, but the weather man had other ideas. Way too windy to head out from the notty, so we decided just to troll the river for a while since we were already there. My son thought he was hooked up on weeds till it started to take line. Ended up with this huge pike witch was a total surprise. Biggest pike by far for my son. Scooter
  6. Well said SalmonKing. I am in the same situation your in and couldn't have said it any better. There are lots of resorts that are depending on something being done. I have been going there for 20+ years and not sure how many are left?? Scott
  7. Hey Brian, I used to hand tie my hooks, but found pre tie hooks on 14lb fluoro 48" long at bass pro. I can make a whack of rigs in no time and way easier on the hands. They also come with red hooks that make a big difference in my opinion. Scooter
  8. Had the same issue. Went to a Van and Truck world and the guys told me that it's normal to have a little play with your pin. They said you don't want it snug or it will seize and makes it very difficult to get out. Scooter
  9. Has anyone dealt with empire boat covers. They look to have some good deals and also have a cover that match's my boat. Scott
  10. Hey thanks Driffter I will go check them out for sure. Bare foot wader the cover is totaled ripped from one end to the other.
  11. On my way up to North Bay my travel cover split right down the middle. Does anyone know of a travel cover place. My boat is a 1600 Crestliner Fishhawk side console. Or would it be better to go with the cheaper cover, do they work just as good. Thanks Scott
  12. Stopped buy the narrows this afternoon. Didn't see anyone catching anything. A few boats out by the ice. There was 4 perch in the tank at the headquarters from all day! Scooter
  13. The battery house on Ferndale. I've bought 3 batteries from him now. No complaints. He's a good old buoy from the rock! Scooter
  14. Frabil has come out with a new suit called F2 Surge and F3 surge. The F2 is a little over a $100 bucks each and the F3 is over $200. Not many reviews as it is brand new. Check out there website. Scooter
  15. Has anyone used or heard of this rainsuit. I have looked for reviews but just from the Frabil website. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scooter
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