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  1. Hey Bill, What size of hook do you use for that setup.
  2. Thanks for the report Gordy!! I am looking to do a trip next year and was thinking exactly what you posted. So how close was it flying as to driving cost wise. I am looking at Sioux Lookout , Dryden area. Haven't picked a lodge yet, still trying to figure out one that suits all our needs!! Thanks Scott
  3. Haven't fished there in a couple of years. Lots of traffic in the summer with cottagers!! Still get the odd walleye(not like the good ol days when you went to camp!!) Pike and Bass and yes sunfish. They put a artificial lung in the deepest spot on the lake to help the oxygen levels about 10 years ago maybe longer?? Was my favourite lake growing up!! Speerzy
  4. Yes it was broke. Had a tool and die guy repair it. The reel is solid now.
  5. What do you have?? Anything to with down rigging (salmon)
  6. Cardinal 4 Reel for sale. Reel has been barley used and in good condition. Make me an offer or willing to take a trade for other fishing equipment.
  7. That there is funny i don't care who you are !!!!😂
  8. Thanks for the replies Speerzy
  9. Looking for some help looking for a good quality custom boat top for my Lowe Fish&Ski. Any business recommendations near the Barrie area would be appreciated. Willing to travel if its worth the drive!! Thanks Speerzy
  10. Looking to get a full top with side curtains. Any one have any recommendations near the Barrie area Sorry for hijacking the thread. Just seen all these boats with nice tops Thanks Speerzy
  11. Thanks Guys, I'm going to do it, but wait and try and find a good deal on one. No rush for this year Cheers Speerzy
  12. Hey Guys, Looking into adding the I Pilot to my trolling motor(power drive v2 70). Has anyone converted there trolling motor to this. Were you happy with the way it worked after you converted to I Pilot or disappointed . It's about $500 bucks for the kit or should I save up for a whole new unit. Thanks Speerzy
  13. Nice to here for a change. Hope this keeps going!!
  14. Thanks for the comments guys. He still has that grin on his face.
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