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  1. I have an eastman Ice-cube, I use a Mr Heater portable, if I'm not using disposable 1lb'ers I keep my 20 lb'er outside the hut and run the line under the bottom of the hut. I put the heater on a small piece of plywood. Very toasty, room for two holes, chair, milk crate table, Marcum VX 1 Pro flasher.... well you got it. This week CT has Sub Zero pop ups on sale, the same thing as the Ice-Cube. I'm going to get at least another year out of this old pop up, it is 5 years old now. One fiberglass rod inside split when I opened it up this year but I just wrapped camo duct tape around it, good as gold.
  2. I have 3 sit on top kayaks and a canoe so..... I also bought a little Honda Jazz Scooter 49cc to zip around town now that the media and wall street have convinced us gas will go to those heights and heck, why not higher. Will definitely not be running around in the Tacoma on a whim. Have a planned early July trip with my son to Cedar Lake, NE Algonquin, and another planned 5 day trip with my wife to Bruce Peninsula National Park. We'll take the Emotion Fisherman pro and her Hobie Mirage sport to paddle (and peddle) around in.
  3. Fortunatly, most things weigh less than I do! Post if you guys come up with a date. I love kayak fishing.
  4. So when doe that type of salmon run? I'm in North Bay but have camped for a couple of years at Inverhuron in the summer. http://i224.photobucket.com/albums/dd259/j...ck/IMG_0170.jpg
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