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  1. Actually this little bit of information that some people get from getting the PCOC has saved lives and they have the stats. to prove it. Now that they have expanded the teaching topics and tests it should do better.
  2. Big changes have come to the PCOC in the last month. I might be wrong but I think the days of challenging the test without any coarse time may be over. So if the Coast Guard offered the test and no coarse they would request to be suspended until they got the coarse sorted out. Sounds like this is what happened.
  3. I talked to our instructor last night and he tells me that dsc has been up for 3 years. Lots of false alarms, so guys stop pushing that red button to see if it works.
  4. Isn't that one of the phones that triangulate your position from the towers and keeps a record of everywhere you go ? It was in the paper the other day, if you can access that file you won't need a gps.
  5. The feds have started selling off some of the Thousand Is. Parks, might be a better deal there for some property.
  6. If its a 3.8 I Think I know what the problem is, I watched a guy fix one 2 weeks ago after 2 shops told the owner to replace the motor after billing her$700 trying to fix it. In the plastic intake where the EGR valve goes through beside a water passage it melts a hole through the plastic leaking coolant into the intake making the motor miss like a blown head gasket and eventually can fill the cylinders if it gets bad enough. Check for loss of coolant and or pressurize the rad if you can get the tool for it or just pull the EGR out of the manifold and look for a hole. If its real bad you will see all kinds of antifreeze in the intake. If its the same motor I'd almost bet $ this is the problem.
  7. Just a thought for you. When you modify a boat it is suposed to be done to the manufacturers specifications. So you are making an experimental and possibly not legal boat. When you raise the seats it raises the center of gravity and throws off the capacity rating for the boat possibly to dangerous levels. The amount the boat can tip on its side before rolling would be greatly reduced. This would all depend on the boat, but some small tinners are tippy enough as is. The other thing is what liability might be if it is sold.
  8. The main purpose for the gun registry at this point is all about votes and nothing to do with guns. No one is going to get rid of the golden goose. As for spending, The fastest way to smaller government no matter who gets elected is to spend all the money.
  9. It might be a good idea to license the boat, without a set of #'s it might be a cop magnet and if it is already licensed and has #'s they should be updated to the new owner. You'll also need the operators card, try The Canadian Power and Sail Squadron in your area. And you'll need ID with a picture so any fishing license or operators card can be linked to you. Those safety kits are bare minimum so don't be afraid to upgrade a bit.
  10. 1941 regs were your catch was your limit, If you caught your limit that was it didn't matter if you released them or swallowed them whole. If your limit was 6 fish you were done after your 6th fish. Catch and release came along when the fish were too polluted to eat in an effort to increase tourism. There are 2 references to culling here, is culling more than your limit now legal? I didn't think it was.
  11. They came off much better than last time with Elizabeth May there talking facts and figures looking like she was the only person in the room that knew what was going on. My local rep. is a member of the "tough on crime as long as we're not the ones doing the crime" party and says he's not interested in federal issues, probably because he's not allowed to talk about them, and wants to concentrate on local issues, so I'll give him a vote when he runs for council.
  12. CPS has a policy available for their members, if you happen to be a member. Discounted for each coarse you finish.
  13. Isn't it still against the law to ride two up on most four wheelers, guide would have to have something like a gator to legally ride you out.
  14. Sometimes a sensor will not work right and tell the computer to give the engine way too much gas and flood the engine. If they continue to crank the engine it washes down the cylinders and fills the crankcase with gas. Now if a bit of flame from the combustion chamber gets past the rings into the gas filled crankcase...KABOOM ..It can blow the gaskets out from under the valve covers and intake. So like the guys said, listen for the fuel pump, and check to see if your oil is full of gas.
  15. Google tourism in Afghanistan, you might be surprised. But it must be almost as dangerous as Mexico or Toronto during the G20.
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