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  1. The newer boats with more efficient motors will hold their value but the older glass boats that are gas hogs will drop. The older RV's that eat a lot of gas will drop in value.
  2. Yes Thermarest or any good quality sleeping mat from a store like MEC.
  3. New tents can leak especially if the tent fly ( cheap tents) does not go to the ground level. Spray fly and floor seams with silicon on the outside. Get a warm sleeping bag good to 0C or lower. I would not use a cot just a good thermacell under the bag.
  4. Is there a way of contacting Mitchell to confirm his availability? Thanks for your reply.
  5. I am also interested in fishing Lady Evelyn. Does anyone know of a trailer tow service for hire to get my boat (500 lbs with motor and gear) around the dam from Mowat Landing? I plan to camp not a lodge.
  6. I have this problem as well, using Chrome.
  7. The older heat pumps did not work well at -20C but Mitsubishi claims its high efficiency models work down to -30C. How well I am not sure.
  8. How does your father's MItsubishi heat pump work when it is cold (-25C) ? Thanks for your reply
  9. I am thinking about installing a heating unit in our 1200 sf insulated cottage with no ducts. Currently I use a wood stove and am considering a Mitsubishi high efficiency heat pump or an Empire Ultrasaver 90 plus propane wall furnace. Any comments or experiences you have on either type of system would be appreciated.
  10. This gas price increase to near $2 will be tough on us who have to drive every day especially those with V8 pickups. I am glad I also have a little econ car which is good on gas.
  11. I did not update my address on this site. Online scams are getting more sophisticated! Be very careful where you give your credit card number!
  12. There are a lot of jerks on Kijiji! They want to buy it dirt cheap even though you have listed your item at a good price. They make an appointment come and buy your item then don't show up. It is a skill to weed out the jerks from the real buyers. I sell for cash only.
  13. We talked to the new owners several times, they do daily cottage visits to look after any customers concerns and plan to do some improvement renovations later this fall. We were treated very well by the owners.
  14. We cleaned up and they clean and check as well. The shower is small but other than that it is an OK cottage.
  15. Just got back from our week at West Arm. The accommodation was good, the weather was hot and the fishing was very slow. We caught several pike, a bass, a sheep head and no walleye. We released all and had brought enough food with us on the trip to still eat well. My buddy had a muskie on but it broke his leader, he was using the wrong type of leader.
  16. The plastic plate mount on my new box trailer broke off the first time I used it. Fortunately I did not lose my plate, remounted it using sheet metal.
  17. My 3 fishing buddies and I have booked a cottage for a week in August at Mashkinonje Lodge located in the north West Arm. We have never been that area and are looking forward to going there to fish for bass, pike & walleye. Any fishing recommendations in the West Arm and experiences with the lodge would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Got a 32" LG still good after 10 years, a 21" LG in the kitchen still good after 6 years and a 58 Samsung good after 5 years. My wife was against getting the Samsung but loves it now. You got to do your research before you buy any TV or appliance.
  19. Check the Ontario Parks reservation site for the campground you want every day in the morning after 7am. People book their preferred site for 21 days ahead then after 1 month cancel out the time they do not want. You may have to move to another campsite during your stay.
  20. My grandson almost caught a muskie. IMG_8898 (3).MOV
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