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  1. Ordered S/S pipe from Pratt Sheet Metal, Thanks.
  2. The heat causes my galvanized cap to rust out so galvanized pipe will not do.
  3. Thanks, I will check them out.
  4. Any body Know where I can get 6" single wall stainless steel stove pipe? I have been using the black pipe on my sauna wood stove but it rusts out too quickly. The wood stoves stores in USA have them but I have not found any in Canada. The 6" insulated pipe will not fit the existing chimney. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Do you have a boat or fishing from shore?
  6. Remember to turn off all burners before you turn your tank valve off and you should not have any more flow problems unless one of your burner valves is defective. I had your problem with my old BBQ and ended up throwing it out before I learned about the fix.
  7. FYI Wal-Mart now has stainless steel BBQ burner tents for $9 each. Not many on the shelf.
  8. Evening camp fire on our back lake fishing trip.
  9. I have an 09 Nissan Versa with 180 K on it. Never rust proofed it, no rust on the body just a little surface rust on the frame around one back window. 1.6 engine runs good does not eat any oil.
  10. Anybody have tried or experience with electric socks that are sold through Amazon?
  11. My Canadian made Sorrels with good quality wool socks keep my feet warm. Drying the boot liners and socks each night is very important.
  12. They put high voltage power lines under water without any problems. Electric and hybrid vehicles drive through puddles and rain storms without problems. The auto manufactures should be able shield an electric truck motor from water while launching.
  13. The batteries for electric vehicles are improving. Let's face it, electric vehicles are in our near future. There maybe a delay in cold weather areas until it is proven they work ok there. Wonder if we will have all our boat motors replaced with electric ones.
  14. That's my point. His wife charged with careless operation of a vessel causing 2 deaths plus the possibility of being sued afterwards should bring out the truth in the trial.
  15. Did Kevin O'Leary give a breathalyzer test right after the accident? If not I wonder why not.
  16. The OPP now have Sea-doos. Saw 2 of them in the north end of Couch away from the main boat channel. They now can stop you anywhere.
  17. New plates for everyone? Are they going to peel off like the old ones?
  18. When I was a kid my dad took me to Parry Sound for smelt, there was so many you could barely lift the net out. Later a buddy and I smelted Simcoe near Brechin, we had to work it but usually got a bucket or two. Now both locations have no smelt. What has happened the smelt? Where can you get smelt now?
  19. Yes I believe in snow tires and put them on every winter. I have talked with people who have put on snow tires for the first time on their vehicle for winter and were amazed at the improve traction. AWD and 4 x 4 definitely improves forward traction in winter conditions but does not help braking on snow and ice.
  20. R22 for the walls, what are you putting under the roof?
  21. I looks like you are insulating with Roxul, good stuff. I used the same insulation in my place. Use a mask when installing, dusty.
  22. A neighbour bought a Ram 1500 4x4 with 3.6 v6. He is happy with it and says it is good on gas. That maybe an option. Right now I tow with a mini van which is working ok as long as the launch is not too steep or has poor traction.
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