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  1. Looking to see if anyone on here does website design? Thanks
  2. That was my real concern too. The Bruce successfully rebuilt by decomissioning on reactor at a time, no reason Pickering can't and shouldn't. That's going to be a huge hit for all those families who make a great living working there.
  3. Can't say I pegged you for a yakfisher Dave. Once we put a bit of thought into it, we all know of somewhere they are better suited to than a motorboat or shore fishing. Have fun!
  4. I agree with the comment of the hardware on the smaller smelts, however, I own multiple of almost every freshwater LT made. I think they are by far the best lure manufactured at that price point. I have done very well with every single lure I own from them. Would not trade them for anything. Have purged all similar hard baits by other manufacturers several years ago. Everyone has their favourites, and I have about a dozen. They are all Live Target.
  5. Awesome job in some less than favourable conditions Steve!
  6. Ended up on Simcoe this morning. Only one laker that never left the wet side of the hole. Willing to give it another go sometime if anyone from my area wants to make the trip?
  7. It won't be run off, it will be all out flooding and major issues for ice on the lower end of all rivers. Obviously I would go after that, and yes it would be a very good choice.
  8. I think the impending rain is gonna mess up all plans to ice fish anywhere for a while. Will post again after things freeze up again. Thanks for the replies. Can't wait to see what the rivers do with all the ice and now huge rain forecast. Might be better to think about steelheading next week
  9. Blackbridge/Townline is my area, so yes. Weekends are difficult for me unless I can get the other half out too. With this weekends weather being warmer, she would likely go too.
  10. Thinking of trying early next week.
  11. Have some weekday time on my hands and would be interested in meeting up to share a trip. Mostly interested in lakers/whities, and a some limited experience at it. I'm in Cambridge close to Townline carpool.
  12. So many great fish in just one season, with unreal photos to relive the memories. Very nice! The speckies really intrigue me but I'd love a shot at those big gar. All the best in 2014!
  13. Can't say I've ever seen a whitie that big, great fish for sure!
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